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Integrated Treatment Approach to Uveitis- A Case Report


Uveitis is the inflammation of Uvea, the Pigmented layer that lies between the inner Retina and outer fibrous layer composed of sclera and cornea. Anterior uveitis is an inflammation of uveal tissue from iris to pars plicata. It can be categorized as iriditis, cyclitis, and iridocyclitis. It’s characterized by photophobia, pain, blurred vision and ciliary congestion. As per Ayurveda Uveitis can be compared with Raktaja /pittaja adhimantha .

Anterior uveitis is an inflammation of the middle layer of the eye. This middle layer includes the iris and adjacent tissue, known as the ciliary body. It usually affects the people of 17-50 years of age. It can result from a trauma to the eye, such as being hit in the eye or having a foreign body in the eye. It can also be associated with general health problems such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, viral or idiopathic, which is no obvious underlying cause. Most common symptoms seen in this condition are red, sore and inflamed eye, Blurred vision, Sensitivity to light and Small, or irregular-shaped pupil. If the condition left untreated, glaucoma, cataract or retinal edema can develop and cause permanent loss of vision. Anterior uveitis usually responds well to treatment .Reducing the inflammation by giving immune suppressant, managing the condition by steroids etc. are the treatment suggested in conventional science, as these have several side effects and chance of recurrence is high its comprehensive to adopt integrative treatment protocol to resolve the condition securely and overcome the recurrence.

A 40 year-old lady presenting with redness and itching of the eye, with a sensation of having a particle of sand in the eyes (gritty eye) visited us to seek advise as she was not keen to take oral or local steroids and immune suppressants like Folitrax prescribed. She also complained of stress and Sleeplessness disease . The case was diagnosed as Uveitis related to Autoimmunity.


Treatment at VHG

The first line of treatment was Ayurveda oral medication for 15 days and Yoga therapy was taught for 7 days. After the 7 days of Yoga, she was asked to continue practicing Yoga on her own. The review after 15 days showed that she was feeling better symptomatically. She was further advised Nasya (Nasal cleansing therapy) for 7 days followed by Shirodhara (Ayurveda oil streaming on forehead) for 7 days.

Following this she was reviewed every month for 3 months and was found to be Asymptomatic. A follow up after 1 year also revealed that the patient continued to have good eye health.

Pre and post assessments : Available data has been used with patient’s consent


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