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DIY Shoulder Pain Relief Kit


What is Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is commonly seen in home makers, painters and people who are in teaching field or who uses computers for longer duration. Excess usage of single hand for prolonged duration causes pain and worsens the condition.

Product Description

The best alternative to the treatments at the clinic and is relatively 40 to 50 % effective to the clinic treatments. This kit contains cotton pads and boluses made of powders that have to be applied to the shoulder after heating. Oils to dip the cotton pad before the application will be provided (Instructions for use will be clearly provided). The kit will have items that can be used for 8 days.

Ayurvedic treatment

Feature 1

Authentic Ayurvedic treatment process that can be done at home. Kit includes Potli, Pichu, Pain Oil.

Ayurvedic treatment

Feature 2

DIY Kit for Shoulder pain helps for all types of shoulder pain and can used by elderly also.

Shoulder pain relief

Feature 3

Reduction in pain and stiffness for better quality of life.


Anup Nayar

My wife consulted Dr.Vasudha for back pain and she had got relief, hence I too consulted the Doctor for my shoulder pain, since I was on my business trip across the country I took the DIY Kit for help, It was very much helpful managing the pain. Thanks to Dr.Vasudha and the team.

Shakthi Kala

I had multiple pains in my body major was my right shoulder and neck, which was unbearable I was suggested by my friend to visit Vivekananda Health Global. The ambiance was good and doctors too were helpful, I was suggested some treatments with some medicines, I initially was sceptical and took only medicines, again after talking to the doctor they instilled confidence to take the treatments. But due to work timings I was not possible to go to the clinic for treatments and hence I opted in for another alternative solution they proposed that is DIY Kit, it was quite helpful. Thanks to the team once again.

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• Quite helpful in conditions like Injury to the ligament, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Injury to Tendon and cartilage

• DIY Kits are best

• If you have a very busy schedule,
• If you are in a place where there is no proper Ayurveda facilities, or
• If you are not in a situation to leave your home.

Causes of shoulder pain

Price of 1 unit (For One Shoulder) : Rs. 2205/- (Includes tax)

Price of 1 unit (For Both Shoulders): Rs. 4275/- (Includes tax)

Delivery Charges applicable

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