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Anti-Stress Kit

Stress relief kit

What is Stress?

Stress is nothing but a feeling of emotional/mental or physical tension. It is body's response to the situation of flight or fight condition. There is positive stress (Eustress) or negative stress (distress) and prolonged negative stress leads to chronic stress.

How it occurs?

Positive stress is a response to positive situations like exams, competitions, marriage and pregnancy in women.

Negative stress is continuous tension which leads to sweating, shivering, anxiety and lack of sleep.

What happens?

Stress causes increase in cortisol, adrenaline (epinephrine) and norepinephrine. These hormones are responsible for heart rate, blood pressure, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. When there is an increased level of these hormones it causes altered metabolism of body and damages health.


• Cardiac diseases - Hypertension, arrhythmia, heart attack, stroke.
• Metabolic disorders - Diabetes mellitus, obesity, Hypothyroidism.
• Insomnia.
• Headache, fatigue.
• Muscular strain, neck pain.
• Anxiety/Depression.
• Personality disorders.

How to prevent and manage the stress:

• Regular yoga practice.
• Exclusive Meditation and pranayama practices.
• Use of Anti-stress kit.

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Anup Shetty

I am a manager in one of the reputed MNC, I was undergoing a lot of stress at work with a lot of hectic schedules, I had no option but to consult with a doctor, my cousin suggested me Vivekananda Health Global, after consulting I was prescribed anti-stress treatment in the clinic. It has worked wonders on me, I now get it done on a monthly basis now at home itself. Thanks to Vivekananda Health Global and Its Doctors.

Rani K

I am a software engineer who also takes care of my family, which is totally tiring and stressful at times. One day I had to consult my family Ayurveda doctor because I had pain in the eye and forehead, the doctor suggested undergoing a few ayurvedic treatments, after which I was referred to Vivekananda Health Global by the doctor. However the doctors in Vivekananda Health Global spoke to my Doctor and suggested the Anti-stress treatment they have, my doctor was okay with it and I got all the treatments under this Anti-stress treatment package done. Now I feel quite helpful and the headache episodes have reduced to zero for which I am quite happy.

Anti-Stress kit:

• Anti-stress essential oil.
• Mud pack to eyes.
• Brahmi oil.
• Press needles.
• Yoga practices


• Improves sleep.
• Relaxes and energies the body & mind.
• Reduces the impact of stress on the body.


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