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Immunity Kit


What is Immunity?

It is a natural defense mechanism of our body to fight against the foreign body. There are two types of immunity. Innate immunity and acquired immunity. Innate which means immunity from the birth & acquired is nothing but immunity developed after birth. Ayurveda explains the concept of immunity as Vyadhikshamatvam

Importance of Immunity

Our Immunity protects us by fighting against foreign body and prevents us from getting infections, allergies and disease. When our immune cells are not working properly, there will be altered health and it may lead to serious systematic health damage. A robust and properly functioning immune system fight with day today dust particles, mold, pollen grains, germs bugs from pets and keeps us healthy without any health issues.

How to improve Immunity?

• Nutritious food
• Physical activity or Regular Yoga
• Sun bathing
• Proper sleep
• Healthy mind
• Herbs - Immunomodulators

To provide a comprehensive approach to improve immunity we suggest use of Immunity kit.


What is Immunity kit?

Kit has been designed to improve the immunity using the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga. The kit includes Anutaila, Ojas Tea, Chyawanprash and pranadhara.

1. Anutaila - nasal cleansing.
2. Ojas Tea - health drink.
3. Chyawanprash - ayurvedic immunity booster.
4. Pranadhara - drops for facial steam.

Benefits of Immunity kit:

• Natural way to boost immunity.
• Improves upper respiratory health.
• Removes nasal congestion.
• Improves digestion.

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Reena Michael

I visited Vivekananda Health Global during the 2nd wave of the corona pandemic, the whole family was physically and mentally devastated. The whole family had Covid, we had to consult a doctor, after googling through many we found Vivekananda Health Global, Dr.Vasudha guided us well she prescribed few medicines which were helpful to regain the lost immunity and mainly the confidence. I am really thankful to the doctor, Health is no magic, it takes time to improve immunity, to date I have been regularly taking the immunity booster not as a medicine but as a part of my diet.

Ravi Kumar

Vivekananda Health Global has helped me revive from COVID, I am quite healthy and athletic, I work as a business development manager at a health care company and I visit all the hospitals in Mumbai, this exposed me to COVID 19.I had a mild fever and a lot of exhaustion, later I consulted a general physician, I got well but the exhaustion was still there even after a month, then read about immunity and googled and found an immunity booster package at Vivekananda Health Global, called them and ordered it. It has helped me recover faster its been 3 months now I am feeling much much better.

Price of 1 unit(For Single) : Rs. 600/- (Includes tax)

Price of 1 unit(For Family) : Rs. 800/- (Includes tax)

Delivery Charges applicable

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