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Virechana is one of Panchakarma therapies. It helps in the elimination of Pitta dosha. It is a widely practical therapy.

The act of expelling vitiated doshas from Guda marga (anal route) is known as Virechana. This therapy is mainly done in Sharad Ritu (Autumn).

Virechana procedure includes,

  • Poorva karma
  • Pradhana karma
  • Paschat karma

Poorva Karma

Virechana must be performed once the doshas have reached Kosta. Poorva karma is done in the following steps.


Virechana dravyas (drugs that initiate the act of purgating)
Virechanopaga dravyas (supportive drugs to the process of purgating)


Measuring glass, Towels, Bowls, Spoons, Gas stove, Vessels.


Deepana, Pachana : Administered to improve the digestive capacity prior to the procedure.

Snehana : Internally given as Gritha paana.
Externally done in the form of Abhyanga.
Softens the vitiated doshas in Srotas.

Swedana : Administered in the form of Bashpa sweda (Steam bath).

Pradhana Karma


  • The indicated patient is selected
  • The fitness of the patient is evaluated
  • Vitals are checked
  • Previous meals should be digested
  • The patient should void the natural urges prior to the procedure
  • The patient should be on an empty stomach
  • Explain the procedure to the patient
  • Take consent from the patient

Virechana aushadha is administered

  • It is given after his previous meals are digested
  • This therapy is performed on an empty stomach
  • It is given when the person is devoid of praseka (salivation)
  • After intake of virechana aushadha one should not suppress natural urges, stay in the room with no direct air, should not use cold water.
  • Lakshanas like the passing of faeces-Pitta-Kapha, Laghuta(lightness in the body), Dourbalya(tiredness). This indicates that the procedure is complete.

Symptoms indicating Samyak lakshanas

  • Srotovishuddhi( Purification of body channels)
  • Indriya prasad(Clarity of all sense organs)
  • Laghuta(Lightness of the body)
  • Agnideepti(Increase of Digestive strength)
  • Kramath vit,pitta,kapha and vata nissarana(Expulsion of stools,pitta,kapha and vayu in sequence)
  • Vatanulomana(Downward movement of vata)

Paschat Karma

Samsarjana krama

Due to the procedure of Virechana the digestion capacity is reduced. To stimulate the fire this procedure is followed.
Depending on the number of Pradhana vegas diet is administered. This includes Peya, Vilepi, Mamsa rasa, followed by Normal diet.


  • Skin disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Anemia
  • Heart disease
  • Cough
  • Breathing disorder
  • Jaundice
  • Cataract
  • Contraindication
  • Ulceration in the anal region
  • Injury to the anal region
  • Anal in-continence
  • Spontaneous bleeding from rectal and urethral route
  • Alcoholic
  • Distension of abdomen
  • Habitual constipation

Article By :
Ms. Arpitha (Final year BAMS student)