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HRBR Layout as Hennur Road Banaswadi Road and is situated in the north eastern part of Bengaluru. This area is well connected to Outer Ring Road and NH4. Banaswadi, Kamanahalli, Lingarajapuram, Kariyanapalya, Kalyan Nagar are some of the prominent nearby localities. Proximity to Manyata Techpark, smooth connectivity, and well developed social and retail infrastructure are the key drivers for residential growth in this locality.

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Preventive Management


Preventive health care is health prevention in order to reduce the burden of illness and the risk factors that accompany it. The prevention strategies can be used throughout the life span and across a disease spectrum to stop the further decline that occurs over time. This article discusses the various levels of prevention, gives some examples of prevention strategies and outlines some of the arguments between the fields of public health and population.

Disease Management


Health management programmes have been designed in order to improve the health of people who suffer from chronic ailments and cut the associated cost from preventable complications

Disease management is a method which aims to offer better healthcare while reducing the cost of providing care for those who are chronically sick. The programs for managing disease are designed to enhance the health of those who suffer from particular chronic illnesses and reduce the use of health services and the costs that are associated with preventable problems, such as hospitalizations and emergency room visits.



Rehabilitation will help you recover to, maintain, or increase your capabilities you require for everyday life. The abilities you have may be mental, physical, or cognitive (thinking as well as learning). They could have been lost due to illness or injury or as a consequence of an illness or medical treatment. Rehabilitation can help improve your daily living and performance

What are the main goals of rehabilitation?

The purpose of rehabilitation is to assist people regain their abilities and to regain your independence.However, the exact goals vary for each individual.They are based on the cause of the issue and whether the root causes are ongoing or temporary and what abilities you have lost, and how serious the issue is.


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3c, 822, 3rd Cross Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Our Doctors

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Bangalore

Dr. Vasudha M Sharma

BAMS, MSc & PhD Yoga

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Bangalore

Dr. Anitha Banakar


Best Ayurvedic doctor in Bangalore

Dr Soumya Rakesh

BAMS, Diploma in Nutrition and health education

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in bangalore

Dr Chandana S R


Best ayurvedic doctor in bangalore

Dr. Manjunath Joshi

BAMS, MD (Shalya). Specialises in Ayurvedic surgical procedures Consultant - Ano Rectal disorders



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