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Treatment method for Nasya



Nasya karma is one among the Panchakarma procedures. It has an important role in treatment and management of Urdhvajatrugata rogas.

Nasya karma is a procedure where medicated oil or medicine is administered  through the nose or through the nasal route.

Nasya karma is also known as Shirovirechana, Murdha virechana, Navana.

Time of  Administration of Nasya :

This procedure can be done in the morning in case of Khaphaja vikara, in the afternoon in case of Pittaja vikara and in the evening in case of Vataja vikara. It can be done for 5, 7 or 9 days considering Samyak and Asamyak lakshana.

Administration of Nasya :

  • Patient is examined and should be checked whether he/she is fit or unfit for the procedure
  • Medicaments are collected and medicine is prepared
  • Patient is asked to evacuate the natural urges.
  • Patient is made to lie in supine position and his/her eyes are covered with four folded cloths
  • The medicine is heated indirectly and made lukewarm
  • Patients’s nose is drawn upwards, and the lukewarm medicine is administered into both nostrils using Sutika or Pichu
  • Medicine is administered to nostrils in a continuous stream, one after other, by keeping one nostril closed and vice versa
  • Later, the patient should relax and avoid talking, laughing, and shaking of head
  • After the procedure the patient’s ears, forehead, scalp, shoulders, nape of neck, palms and soles are massaged
  • Dhoomapana is advised
  • Kavala with hot water is done

Nasya karma is mainly indicated in:    Cataract(Timira), Disease of eyelid, Toothache, Tooth sensitivity, Loose tooth, Goitre, Migraine(Ardhavabhedaka ), Peenasa(Rhinitis), Vyanga(Moles), Manyasthambha(Spasm of neck), Arbuda(Tumor).

This therapy is contraindicated in:   Ajeerna(Indigestion), Bhuktabhakta(Who has taken meals), Snata shira(Taken head bath), Kshudartha(Hunger), Trushna(Thirst), Shramartha(Tired), Vyayamaklanta(Fatigue due to exercise), Vyavayaklanta(Fatigue due to coitus), Navajwara(Fever of recent origin), Garbhini(Pregnant), Nava pratisyaya(Acute rhinitis).

Benefits from this procedure are –  Stress, Migraines, Insomnia, Sinusitis, Tinnitus, Other sinus issues.

Article By :
Ms. Arpitha (Final year BAMS student)