Yoga for Corporates


Corporate Life and its Endeavors

• Lots of Hard Work

• Lots of Smart Work

• Lots of time spent

• Lots of flawless work

• Lots of Success attained

• Lots of Health Problems –Unknowingly

Work-related stress is defined as ‘a harmful reaction that people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work’*

At Vivekananda Health Global we believe "AN OUNCE

Programs designed by Vivekananda Health Global:

Wellness Programs @Vivekananda Health Global


• Programs on Corporate Stress Management

• SMET Program

• Preventive Healthcare Programs

• Pre Hypertension


• Spine Health

• Eye Health

All our Program are customized programs for individuals & Organization ranging from 45 Days to 6 months"

• SMILE Program

• Vimanayatri Saral Yoga

• Pre Diabetic

• Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism

• Other Programs

• Gut Health

• Antenatal care


Stress Management

• For every Individual no matter which industry he/she is in has been undergoing lot of stress due to the competitive market. This is indirectly responsible for many health issues

Blood pressure rises

• Breathing becomes more rapid

• Digestive system slows down

• Heart rate (pulse rises)

• Immune system goes down

• Muscles become tense

• We do not sleep (heightened state of alertness)

• Stress can lead to anxiety, depression and Sleep Disorders

• Today’s hectic world has created lots of anxiety. Mind affecting the body. Especially if you are bound to work continuously for more than 8 hours.

• Daytime fatigue,

• Performance deterioration

• Increase absenteeism

• Physical discomfort

• Low pain threshold and psychological stress


SMILE Program

@Vivekananda Health – solution tostress

Stress management - Vivekananda Health’s SMILE

SMILE: A program to expand your Horizon

Stretch the Mind to build Immunity for Long-lasting Energy





SMILE Corporate Program - Report

SMILE (Stretch the Mind for Immunity and Long-lasting Energy) program,

• Conducted for Employees of an MNC

• SMILE is a 3 hours module conducted on 2 differentdays.

• Each session is a 90 minutes program conducted with a one week gap between each other.

• Perceived Stress scale 10 (PSS)was administered.


• Sample size is 80 employees (10 Female and 70 Male)

• The average age of the group was 41years.

• The pre assessment checklist showed that there were 13 participants with Back pain, 10 with Neck pain, 6 with Thyroid disorders, 5 with Diabetes, 3 with Hypertension, 5 with other complaints and 35 participants with no health complaints.

• The pre- post assessment showed that there was a significant reduction (p


The participants also shared that the program was very useful, reduced stress, helped them feel relaxed and boosted their energy. They felt that a regular practice would help them and that it was beneficial during this phase of the COVID pandemic.

“Vimana Yatri Saral Yoga”

In the advent of celebrating the International Day of Yoga, we have specially devised a Yoga module nomenclated as “Vimana Yatri Saral Yoga”. It is a 10 minutes yoga module which comprises of following practices:

1. Simple loosening practices of major joints of the body

2. Yogic Stretches in sitting postures

3. Instant relaxationtechnique

4. Bhramari Pranayama

5. Nadi ShuddhiPranayama

It’s a combination of yoga practices at physical and mental level and it addresses the discomfort and stress an individual has to undergo before and during travel by airplanes. The consequences of frequent travel, as researchers say, can be on the physiological; psychological and emotional state of an individual

Physiological problems - Arise due to changes in Circadian rhythm,

• Fatigue and gastrointestinal complaints,

• Reduced immunity,

• Increased risk of stroke or heart attack

Psychological and emotional impact-

• Stress can set in while preparing and making arrangements at home and work beforetrips.

• Relationships with family, friends and community can also be damagedby excessive travel

• Creates an imbalance in domestic duties and child care.

Practicing Yoga therefore helps in reducing the impact of the above further enabling the equanimity at mind body level.

Vimana Yatri Saral Yoga”–R e p o r t

Relaxation in the Participants after Yoga Session

Overall Relaxation - YP

Head Heaviness Relaxation in the Participants after Yoga Session

Head Heaviness - YP


Overall Relaxation - NYP

Head Heaviness - NYP


               Participant Testimonials:    https://youtu.be/K5P_SUKpksU
corporate training programs

Pre Diabetic & Pre Hypertension

Pre Diabetic

• Prediabetes is a serious health condition where sugar levels in the blood are higher than the normal levels and below the levels which said to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

41.9% of diabetes cases goes undiagnosed

PGI Study | Chandigarh

Pre Hypertension

• Prehypertension is a sign of warning that you might get high blood pressure in the future.

• High blood pressure increases your risk of heart problems, stroke, kidney failure.

• There's no cure for high blood pressure, but there is treatment with diet, lifestyle habits, and medications.


Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism & PCOS

Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism

• Subclinicalhypothyroidism is a form of hypothyroidism in an early to mild form, in this condition the bodydoesn't produce enough thyroid hormones.


• Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is adisorder common among womenof reproductive age caused by hormones. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels.


Antenatal Care – Yoga , Diet Counselling

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman's life .All the Discomfort that a Woman has undergone during pregnancy will pay off when she holds that tiny little baby.

Pregnancy is a condition in which women undergo distinct physiological changes and stress and is accompained bt unique physical and psychological demands.

There is a need to manage the various physical,emotional,mental,and pain stats that arise throughout the stages of pregnancy and labour.

The care includes Yoga,Diet-counselling


Spinal complaints

• People Spend a lot of time sitting while working

• Wrong posture during desk job may weaken the spine and lead to painful conditions of the spine like Low

• Majority of the population working in the corporate sector suffer from back pain

@ Vivekananda Health - Spine Health Solution:

• The Program includes creating an awareness of what, why and How of Spinal Problems and solutions.

• Spinal Health is best addressed with Yoga therapy taught during the course of sessions.

• At the end of the day you have to heal yourself so we will take you through Do it yourself: using Ayurveda and Naturopathy based tips


Eye Problems

• Working long hours using Laptops causes uneasiness in the eye due to increased screen time

• Causes stress and strain on the eye muscles and might lead to eye problems like eye pain, redness of the eyes, dryness of the eyes, blurring vision etc

• It might lead you to headache too.

@Vivekananda Health - Eye Health solution:

• Eye Health is considered the most important one to be efficient at work keeping this in mind we have designed some solutions around it like:

• Simple eye exercises to strengthen eye muscles.

• Naturopathy/Ayurvedic Packs to soothen your eyes

• Tips on how to manage your eyes


Women Health

• Modern Day women are multi tasker(Work & Home) meaninglots responsibility and in turn lots & lots of pressure.

• In the midst of all the chaos she does not understand the impacton her body and does not reciprocate on the problem, she then becomes vulnerable to health problems:

• Most common health problems : PCOS Infertility, Low backpainMenstrual complaints, Pre menstrual syndrome

@Vivekananda Health - Women Health solution:

• Women health is addressed through Integrating Ayurveda and Yoga systems of medicine.

• Understand what ayurveda talks on Stree roga and learn lifestyle/diet recommendations.

• The module helps in balancing Hypothalamo - Pituitary Ovarian Axis, also reduces cortisol levels


Gut Health issues – All diseases begins in the Gut

• Sitting continuously for longer duration’s, leads to impaired circulation to digestive organs and reduced• peristalsis.

• Causes multiple issues like indigestion, flatulence, constipation, weight gain etc.

• With improper lifestyle habits this pushes even more further complexities and vulnerability to lifestyle disorders such as Diabetes.

@Vivekananda Health - Gut Health solution

• Understanding the importance of Gut Health and cleansing procedures.

• Diet for Gut Health

• Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda to detox body

• Detox@Home