At Vivekananda Health Global (VHG), we believe that managing health and well-being is a science. We take a holistic approach that encompasses Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga, redefining what it means to be truly healthy. . Ayurveda helps to maintain the health of those who are already healthy, while also treating the diseases of the ill. Naturopathy works to enhance the body's natural healing processes and Yoga is used to harmonize the mind, body, and soul.

At VHG – Ayurvedic doctors are experienced and knowledgeable in this ancient system of natural healing. “Its Proven | Its Researched”.. We examine your health and mind-body harmony to prescribe the ideal solution from Ayurveda, General Yoga, Therapy Yoga, and Naturopathy for lasting results.
Ayurvedic medicine treatments, such as herbal remedies, massage, and dietary advice, to address a variety of health issues. If you're looking for an Ayurvedic doctor near you, our clinic is here to help. Our team of practitioners is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness.



kalpana Shankarkalpana Shankar
05:32 06 Mar 23
The place is very well maintained and I loved the plans and the massages. The doctors, Dr. Vasuda and Dr. Anita, were really good at giving me the right diet plans to help me lose weight. The masseuse Saritha was incredible, the massages and acupuncture felt so relaxing. Would definitely recommend this place to others. Loved the whole experience here!!
Shobhna MathurShobhna Mathur
08:56 14 Nov 22
I like my treatment so far. Dr Vasudha and Dr Anitha are very understanding; they are helping in terms of my hormonal issues, losing weight and incorporating yoga practices. I have seen changes in my stress level and improved my overall health. They are trustworthy and understand ailments and treat them with the boons of nature. I have taken various treatments like acupuncture, snehkarma, yoga Basti etc. They have incorporated a beneficial diet chart too. There is still a long way for me to heal my system. Guys, give it a try! Heal with the help of nature and Ayurveda! 😊🙏
Alluri Reddy RameshAlluri Reddy Ramesh
08:18 23 Oct 22
Very good experience. Doctors are highly knowledgeable and guide properly.I had disc herniation at L4 L5 and lumbar spondylitis. Dr Vasudha prescribed a few therapies for 15 days and it really worked excellent. My pain was very chronic but I stopped taking any painkillers even during the treatment. Now I practice Yoga as per her direction and feel great!Dr Anitha and the team of therapists take good care too.I feel the NABH certification is an important step towards further expansion.
prem nidhi keshavprem nidhi keshav
12:42 07 Sep 22
First of all, Dr Vasudha is a very nice doctor. What we look in allopathic doctors finally gets here. The ease and calmness with which she sees a patient is too good. She listens all your queries and prescribes the right thing. She observes a patient in months too if it is required but diagnosis does not go wrong.I was having acid reflux and hiatus hernia issue, and these problem did not get diagnosed on time with allopathy doctors, they treated it assuming chest issue and gave so many medicines which made my stomach too bad, i started having panic attacks with all these stomach issues.Finally Dr Vasudha gave me the right direction for food intake and suggested to start yoga and i am on regular diagnosis with her.My anxiety reduced a lot and acid reflux is undr control. Stomach has become a lot better.Dr Shraddha took my yoga classes online. Even the classes were online, she gave her full time and instructed me properly. Thanks a lot to her.Dr Anitha took accupuncture for me. She handles it very nicely and she is very soft spoken. I took other health advices too.Vivekananda health global is a very nice center where we get hope and life back with their support.
Yogita MehraYogita Mehra
13:12 15 Jul 22
A relaxing ambience, well trained staff, care for little details.The Abhayanga massage and steam was extremely rejuvenating and relaxing.The Yoga session is exactly what I needed after a hectic day at work.
Vijaya SuvarnaVijaya Suvarna
05:31 14 Jul 22
I went there not knowing what to expect and came away rejuvenated. The Abhyanga massage was very relaxing. Nisarga... The therapist was attentive and competent. And the yoga session was the cherry on the top. It calmed and stilled my restlessness. Overall awesome. Don't forget to visit the store for some surprising daily therapy products.
Aditya JohariAditya Johari
15:43 19 May 22
Authentic ayurvedic centre. It provides medical consultation, yoga sessions, medicines, etc.A decent place to visit if you're looking for alternative medicine

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