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At Vivekananda Health Global – VHG, health and well-being management is a science. Its holistic health redefined: Ayurveda maintains health of healthy and treats disease of the ill; Naturopathy augments innate healing process of your body; Yoga harmonizes your mind, body and soul.

At VHG – we examine your health, illness and mind-body harmony to prescribe the ideal solution (among Ayurveda, General Yoga, Therapy Yoga, Naturopathy) for a lasting effect. “Its Proven | Its Researched”. Each consultation with our Doctor is ‘personalized’ and is a holistic advice that includes medicines, treatments, therapeutic Yoga, diet, and lifestyle management. All of these combine to create a comprehensive and integrative solution for your complete well-being.

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Ante Natal Yoga

1st October 2022
Weekend Classes
9.00 AM to 1.30 PM

Yoga Instructor

4 months - 300 Hours


Yoga for Positive Health

Weekdays - Ongoing

Pregnancy Yoga

Sessions for all trimesters - One to One


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