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 Mind Sound Resonance Technique (MSRT)

MSRT is an advanced guided Meditation technique. It is that technique that can take you into a deeply rested state of mind body complex through experiencing the internal sound resonance all over the body. It strengthens the will power and promotes positive health.


MSRT Steps

MSRT Meditation Benefits

Let us try to understand mind, sound and Resonance


According to many Neuroscientists, mind is the expression of activity of the brain cells. According to Psychologist it is the sum total of all the cognitive functions that are carried out by the wakeful mind. According to yogic lore mind is Conglomeration of thougths.Our thinking apparatus is mind.


Sound, according to science is a form of energy. It moves as wave through compressions and rarefactions. Sound needs medium like air for its cannot move without a medium.

Shabda, sound as postulated in yoga and spiritual lore is much broader and comprehensive than the sound conceived by science

Shabda is spandana.Spandana is vibration. It is of two types, Audible (ahata) and inaudible (anahata).


When the frequency of a forcing function coincides with the natural frequency of a system (object), oscillations (vibrations) with relatively higher amplitude occur. This phenomenon is known as resonance.

Resonance is a weapon that can bring about powerful changes when used in the right way. This phenomenon of resonance is used in musical instruments such as tambura or violin. That resonance all over your body when your mind is turned to enjoy is the same phenomenon used in MSRT.

MSRT technique uses the chanting and helps people achieve silence from within and ends with a resolve


States where there are no thoughts or you are not aware of them- thoughtless wakeful state.


A clearly thought out,well formulated positive thought with minimum number of words is a resolve or ‘sankalpa

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