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Nagamani N K

Thank you Vivekananda health global. I was suffering from neck and back pain from years and with 1 week of ayurveda treatment and yoga therapy got great relief. Very nice doctors and therapists. Will highly recommend people to visit.

Selvam P

Few days back me took treatment for my knee pain and back pain in vhg hsr layout .After treatment feeling better thanks to doctor's and vhg team.

Deepthi Manubolu

I had shoulder and back pain since a year, I feel better after my treatment at Vivekananda.

Shubhra Vinay

This is an amazing place for ones holistic healing of the body and mind. I have been going to this clinic for past 7 yrs for various concerns that range from low immunity to migraine issues. Treatment given for my migraine worked miracle and have been free from bad attacks of migraine headache since the time i have visited this place. Dr. Vasudha is very patient doctor, listening to my concerns and been guiding me in a holistic manner through ayurvedic treatments, medications, yoga and right diet.

Srinivas Ratod

It's a very well maintained hospital and the staff is also very cooperative, I came here for joint pain problem which I used to face very often, Their treatment has helped me a lot..I don't feel any pain now.. Thanks to VHG hospital.

Ayush Garg

This is one of the best place to do yoga. Yoga sir is very nice and keep us motivated always. I have reduced my back pain because of sir. Also the ayurvedic center is really good to treat chronic diseases.

Manasa Pavan

Came for consultation and therapy for migraine and knee pain. The doctors r really concerned and caring . This is a place where onc could find Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga under one roof. I got the best treatment and now feeling way better. A very good service given by the therapists as well. Thank u VHG!

Gautam Sarkar

My last year with Vivekananda Health yoga institute (HSR ) has been phenomenal. I’ve had a wonderful experience practicing yoga and also discussing it with the teachers here. The place has a calming effect on me that has enriched me spiritually and improved my body flexibility. The teachers are very knowledgable and believe in teaching yoga in a correct manner without any shortcuts. A life-changing journey for me.

Mona Doogar

I went for my migraine and after doing panchkarma treatment and the yoga practices I see a lot of improvement in it. The intensity of migraine has reduced even when I get it.

Ashish Chaturvedi

I came here for my sinus treatment. It helped me deal with a long term issue. Now I feel healthy and immune. Along with the treatment there was a 7 days yoga session was also conducted. I liked it so much that I’m continuing it since couple of months.

Jobbin James

I had a severe lower back issue when I visited Vivekananda Health Global for Ayurvedic treatment. Kati basti with Ardhanga Elakizhi alongwith Acupuncture was the treatment advised. After the treatment, I was given specific yoga sessions. Yoga practice should be continued. Avoid unwanted medicines and surgery by preferring an ayurvedic treatment. The treatment is very effective and I strongly recommend Vivekananda Health Global.

Kavya Gupta

I felt well cared for and Dr. Vasudha is a true magician of ayurveda.