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Back pain relief kit

DIY Back Pain Relief Kit

Backpain is nothing but a physical discomfort at back and it may lead to stiffness or restricted movement. This is commonly seen in people who have sedentary life style with very minimum or no physical activity. Now a days there is no age limit for complaints of back pain. It is seen in all the age groups from children to senior citizens due to wrong posture and food habbits.

Hence, understanding the current situation of people suffering from back pain, This is the best alternative to the treatments at the clinic and is relatively 40 to 50 % effective to the clinic treatments. This kit contains bags of dry powders which can be used for fomentation and also pads which should be dipped in warm oil as per instructions (will be clearly provided). The kit will have items that can be used for 8 days.

Ayurvedic treatment for back pain

Feature 1

Authentic Ayurvedic treatment process that can be done at home. Kit includes Potli, Pichu, Pain Oil.

Ayurvedic treatment
Feature 2

DIY Kit for back pain helps for all types of back pain and can used by elderly also.

Ayurvedic treatment for backpain
Feature 3

Reduction in pain and stiffness for better quality of life.


Roshan J

I Was suffering from chronic back pain, so planned to travel to South for therapy when my colleague suggested me this health clinic. There I had a consultation with Dr.Vasudha, initially I hesitated but she encouraged me to take the IDY Kit – which is Do it yourself Ayurveda kit, at the end of the 7 Days I also took yoga therapy, the feeling now is quite excellent, I used the kit for another 2 times I feel so relieved and relaxed.

Selva Raj

I work as developer in Bangalore, hence sitting for long hours in front of the system made my back pain soar, then searched on google and sought help from them, its been more than a month now since I took their treatment at home at my convenience, pain has reduced drastically. Thanks to the team.

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• Quite helpful in conditions like Injury to the ligament, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Injury to Tendon and cartilage

• DIY Kits are best

• If you have a very busy schedule,
• If you are in a place where there is no proper Ayurveda facilities, or
• If you are not in a situation to leave your home.

Price of 1 unit : Rs. 1335/- (Includes tax)

Delivery Charges applicable

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