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De-Stressing with SMILE - Stretch your Mind for Immunity and Longlasting Energy

Benefits of SMILE

• Reduced stress, anxiety & depression
• Increased energy and decreased fatigue
• Improved memory, focus, and concentration
• Stronger muscles and increased flexibility
• Improved posture
• Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases

Why is SMILE Needed?

• Stress and Lifestyle are the major sources of health problems
• Increase in incidence of Non-Communicable Diseases (such as Diabetes, Obesity , Hypertension headache , Joint and Muscle Problems, etc )

⁍ Occupational stress and issues related to relationships are the add-on risk factors
• Conventional health care systems have failed in providing better solutions
• Stress management and lifestyle modification through Yoga based mind-body medicine has shown great benefits
• Scientific studies suggest that specially designed Yoga module for the corporates can promote positive health, prevent stress-related disorders, and manage occupational stress.

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• To introduce the ancient Indian Yoga based stress management program
• To introduce mind-body healing methods to manage stress and prevent stress and lifestyle disorders
• To orient Executives to physical activity, relaxation, and diet-lifestyle measures of Ayurveda

Expected Outcomes

• Feeling of calmness and therefore increase in the relaxation component
• Improved relaxation and reduced impact of stress on the body
• Improved Concentration and Decreased Fatigue

Our Faculty


Dr. Vasudha M Sharma

Director- Medical Services of Vivekananda health Global, an international chain of Integrative medicine based center’s, headquartered in Bengaluru

• An entrepreneur in the field of Integrative medicine, an Ayurveda and Yoga therapy consultant, researcher, and international speaker.
• Has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda, Masters, and Ph.D., in Yoga from S-VYASA University
• Has 20+ years of clinical experience and her area of specialization includes integrative pain management with a focus on Migraine headache and women health problems
• She has evolved Yoga therapy modules, specialized programs such as SMILE, and protocols for various conditions including infertility using Integrative medicine.


Dr. Shraddha Surathkal

Technical Coordinator and Consultant Yoga and Naturopathy at Vivekananda Health Global

• With 4 years of clinical experience, she is an expert in treating various cases through Naturopathy and Yoga. Has keen passion in pain management using Acupuncture is an effective line of treatment.
• She is a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic science (2010-2015)
• She has demonstrated a history of handling cardiology cases, having practiced under expert Cardiologists during her early days of practice.
• Experienced in handling antenatal yoga, conducted stress management
workshops, well versed in customizing yoga modules for disease management also a dedicated trainer for yoga instructors course.

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