Panchakarma to Detox

Detox using panchakarma
Detox using panchakarma

Panchakarma to Detox Workshop on 27th November at 7 PM

Ayurveda’ The traditional Indian system of medicine which is about 6000 years old has explained the classification of various diseases, their signs, and symptoms, prognosis, prevention, and management.

It evolved as a logical science and survived the transition of civilization.  

There are two main principles which the science is based upon are ‘Swasthasya swāsthya rakṣanam’i.e. to help the healthy maintain and protect his health and ‘Āturasyavikāra prasamanam’i.e. treat the disease of a diseased individual.


Panchakarmais one of the ayurvedic procedures in which the vitiated Doshas are expelled out of the body through the nearest route.

Word Panchakarmais made of two words: Pancha and Karma

Pancha means 5

Karma means theprocedures done to expel vitiated Doshas.


·        Vamana karma

·        Virechana karma

·        Asthapana basti

·        Anuvasana basti

·        Nasya karma

Indications to do PanchakarmaBenefits of doing Panchakarma
Improper digestionNormal functioning of Kosta
TastelessnessIncrease in the Agni
ObesityAlleviation of the disease
AnemiaEquilibrium of Doshas
HeavinessRestoration of the function of the sense organs, mind
Tiredness without doing any work
Strengthens body
Various skin eruptionsDelayed aging
ItchingNot prone to diseases
Hridroga – Heart Disease 

Conducted by Expert – Dr Vasudha M Sharma

Director- Medical Services of Vivekananda health Global, an international chain of Integrative medicine based center’s, headquartered in Bengaluru

An entrepreneur in the field of Integrative medicine, an Ayurveda and Yoga therapy consultant, researcher, and international speaker.

Has 20+ years of clinical experience and her area of specialization includes integrative pain management with a focus on Migraine headache and women health problems