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Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

Yoga Therapy For Back Pain
Yoga Therapy For Back Pain

Pain in the lower is most common presenting complaint. Every 8 people out of 10 has backpain at some point in life. It can result from Injuries, Conditions and disease. Pain can range from mild to few cases pain may cause difficult to walk sleep or any other day to day activity.

Few common causes of backpain are :

  • Sprain: This may be due to injury to muscle, tendon or ligament especially due to lifting a heavy object. Muscles can go weak due to long sitting during works hours
  • Disc Problems: Like degenerative disk herniated disk, disk prolapse causes low back pain.
  • Structural Problems
  • Arthritis

Yoga Therapy: Yoga therapy is one on one session which focuses on one’s condition. Depending on the condition of the person no of session will be decided. One session of yoga therapy consists of Loosening exercise, breathing exercise, asana, relaxation technique and pranayama.

Yoga therapy Session

  • Helps in increase the strength of muscles and specific muscle group.
  • Back and abdominal muscles are important component of the muscular network of the spine, helping the body maintain upright posture and movement. When these muscles are conditioned backpain are greatly reduced. Yoga practices like lumbar stretch, Setubandasana, Bhujangasana helps with same.
  • Yoga Incorporates stretching and relaxation, which reduces tension in the muscle.
    Managing stress is very crucial in Low back pain as it also triggers and increases back pain. Yoga helps to manage stress and relax our mind.
  • Consistent Yoga practice helps in postural awareness which needed in managing back pain. Good posture helps in managing normal curvature of the spine which is important part in reducing and preventing back pain.