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Case study on Rheumatoid Arthritis

Back Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder including inflammation of the one or more joints of our body. Here the immune cells attack on healthy cells and destroys the normal function of it.

In this condition there will be pain with swelling of the joints and restricted movement with stiffness. High risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis are family history of RA, stress and improper lifestyle

Case of rheumatoid arthritis at VHG

We had a female patient aged 51 years from Orissa visited VHG with complaint of pain in the interphalangeal joints, both the elbow joints and in the knee joints. Her joints were deformed and her gait was completely altered. Knee was flexed and therefore she was unable to walk normally. Patient was stressed and worried with her pain and her inability to do her day today activities. She used to manage her pain temporarily with some pain killers for many years and was very depressed.

Treatment at VHG

First line of treatment patient underwent was external therapies which included Acupuncture, Sarvanga podikizhi (fomentation with medicated powders) and yoga therapy for a period of 10 days along with oral Ayurveda medicines.

Later she was administered internal cleansing treatment of virechana after the body was prepared with deepana and pachana. Patient was administered 5 days of snehapana, 3 days of sarvanga abhyanga and sweda, followed by virechana (purgation).

A yoga basti combination of retention and eliminating enema was given for 8 days with ekanga elakizhi (Patra potala sweda- fomentation with herbs).

Pre and Post assessments

Visual analogue scale was used to assess her pain before and after the treatment. Visual analogue scale (VAS) is one of the pain rating scale. Numeral rating scale is the most commonly used rating scale in VAS were 0 represents no pain and 10 is the worst pain. The RA Factor and C-Reactive Protein before and after the treatment were also recorded.

RA Factor is a protein produced by the immune system which attacks the normal cells of our body. Less than 15 IU/ml considered as a normal value of RA factor

C-Reactive protein is a protein made by the liver. 0.3 to 1mg/dl considered as a within the normal range of CRP.

CRP will be high in blood when people suffer from the inflammation of joints and pain.

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VAS RA Factor C-Reactive Protein
Pre treatment 10 48.5 IU / L 65.2 mg / dl
Post (after treatment) 5 48.5 IU / L 39.95 mg / dl
Present with yoga and oral ayurvedic medicines ( after 2 months of treatment) 3 34.64 IU / L 39.95 mg / dl

Range of motion

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Right elbow flexion Left elbow flexion Right knee extension Left knee extension
Pre treatment 90 Degree 80 Degree 50 Degree 65 Degree
Post treatment 100 Degree 100 Degree 40 Degree 50 Degree


Integrative approach including Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Yoga therapy significantly improved pain, stiffness and mobility in Rheumatoid arthritis along with flexion and extension of interphalangeal joints

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