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How to cure Shoulder Pain by Ayurvedic Method

How to cure Shoulder Pain by Ayurvedic Method

What is shoulder pain?

A physical discomfort or pain in the shoulder which leads to stiffness or restricted movement is a common condition in this modern era due to so many reasons. There also a shoulder pain caused by the injuries to tendons, muscles, bursa or ligaments of the shoulder joints.


How it comes?

Shoulder pain is commonly seen in home maker, painters and one who works in teaching field and uses more computers. Excess usage of single hand for prolonged duration causes pain and worsens the condition. Type of pain may vary from person to person. Pain occurs at shoulder also due to damage/injury of rotator cuff muscles. Some shoulder conditions are caused by trauma like an accident or fall, or by lifting too heavy or common injuries in athletes.

How to prevent?

One who is high risk to get shoulder pain should practice regular physical exercise and yoga practices. It will help in strengthening the shoulder joint and increases blood supply. With physical activity there must be nutritious supplement to body for better nourishment. care must be taken while lifting heavy object.

How to Manage?

The severity of pain may increase if we do not treat it in early stage and may leads to reduced or restrict movement to the shoulder. To get rid of pain there are many ways in the integrative approach of treatment.



Acupuncture is one of the traditional methods of Chinese treatment including the fine needle insertion to the various point to reduce the pain. It helps in releasing the endorphin which is responsible for overall well-being and pleasure. It also helps in reducing pain and muscular strain by increasing the blood circulation. To stimulate the acupuncture points, there are electro acupuncture and moxibustion to enhance better results.

Ayurveda treatment

There are some external ayurvedic therapies including kizhi, abhyanga, nasya etcetera to treat shoulder pain to the extent level by using ayurvedic medications. These treatments help in reducing the inflammation and stiffness.


Yoga Therapy

Regular yoga practices are very good to strengthen the shoulder joint for long duration and increase the blood circulation which will also help in preventing further complication of shoulder pain.