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Yoga For Students

Yoga For Students

The stage of student life is wonderful and the base for FUTURE. In this competitive world students are stressed up with many things such as, lack of concentration, fear, exam tension, distracted mind, lack of sleep, addiction to mobile and video games and much more!!

So how can we overcome these problems?

Yoga is the best tool to have a control on their life and it is a way of living. Regular practice of various forms of yoga will definitely provide clarity of mind and thought. It also helps in personality development at physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual level.

As mentioned above, yoga will help to control the mind, balance the attention and focus on studies and improve concentration and memory.

Various forms of yoga including breathing exercises, asanas, relaxation techniques, pranayama and meditation will definitely bring good health and good life to students.

Breathing exercises are good to reduce fear, anxiety and stress. Regular practice of breathing exercise helps in increasing lung capacity.

Some of the asanas like Tadasana, vrikshasana, garudasana and virabhadrasana will help in improving concentration, balance and better physical growth.

Nadi shuddhi and brahmari pranayama are very good practices, which help to bring balance to the autonomic nervous system, purifies nostrils, reduces stress, improves sleep and quality of life.

Trataka is a one of the kriya practices of yoga and is an excellent technique to increase the concentration power in students. It also calms the mind and helps in reducing stress and headache.

Yoga for students
Yoga for students