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Karnapurana –   Karna = Ear
Purana = Filling

Karnapurana is the procedure of filling warm medicated oil into the ear until the canal is filled.

It is one among the Pravicharana Sneha.

Karna being one of the sites of Vata Dosha is easily prone to a lot of diseases. Therefore, adopting this procedure as Dinacharya nourishes the tissues, organs and prevents further complications.

Procedure followed for Karnapurana :

Pre procedure :

  • Person is examined thoroughly.
  • Vitals are checked.
  • Counselling of the participant should be done.
  • Natural urges should be avoided, and people should be on an empty stomach.
  • Consent of the participant should be taken.
  • Preparation of the medicine – sufficient oil should be taken and heated indirectly till it is lukewarm.

Procedure :

  • Participants should lie in the left lateral position or right lateral. His/ her hand should be kept under the head for support.
  • Oil massage should be done to the Ear pinna, around the ear to increase blood circulation.
  • The medication is now poured gently into the external acoustic meatus opening.
  • Cover the ear with a cotton pad.
  • Wait for 30sec.
  • Now a cotton wick is used to remove the excess oil from the ear canal.
  • Cover the ear with cotton.
  • Same is repeated on the alternate ear as well.

Post procedure :

  • Excess oil around the ear should be cleaned.
  • Participants should be asked to relax for a certain time.

This therapy can be done for 7-14 days to observe the results. It can be practiced in the,
Morning – if Kashaya is used
Evening – if Sneha is used

Precautions :

  • Oil should not be too hot or too cold.
  • Hygiene should be maintained.
  • Oil should not be poured directly into the ear canal.
  • Should not get exposed to wind.
  • Avoid head bath on the day of therapy.

Medications used :

Nirgundi taila, Bilwadi taila, Gandhakadi taila,Apamarga kshara taila, Tila taila

Karnapurana is indicated especially in the conditions like :
Headache(Shiro ruja), Vertigo, Excess wax, Hearing loss, Tinitus

Studies also proves that Karnapurana has positive effect over various conditions like Presbycusis, Sleep disorders, CSOM(Karna Srava).

Article By :
Ms. Architha J