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 Chronic Migraine Pain Relief

Sustaining Relief: Strategies for Managing Chronic Migraine Pain in the Long Term

Migraines often go unnoticed, undiagnosed, and untreated in everyday medical practice. While people mention positive effects from preventive medications, these treatments come with drawbacks like drowsiness, dry mouth, constipation, weight gain, and even serious side effects. Since migraines vary among individuals and it’s crucial to customize treatment based on each person’s needs. After diagnosis, individuals are prompted to identify triggers and consider well-documented non-drug methods for relief. The commonly employed holistic approaches include Ayurveda, Therapeutic Yoga, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and chiropractic therapy.

Migraine is a neurovascular disorder characterised by attacks of severe headache, autonomic and neurological symptoms. Stress, a well-recognized headache trigger, can stem from physical, mental, or psychological factors. It is found that prolonged stress activates immune system and may facilitate pain. The pro-inflammatory mediators such as TNF alpha, IL-1beta, IL-6 and nitrous oxide are activated due to stress leading to migraine.


Migraine headache finds its mention as Ardhavabedhaka under the classification of Shiroroga (diseases related to the head region) in the Ayurveda treatises. The headache which is intense and is piercing in nature like a weapon is termed Ardhavabhedaka as per Ayurveda. The reasons behind onset, pathophysiology and management have been described in detail.

At Vivekananda Health, we employ specific treatment approaches based on dosha (body humor) for Migraine cases. Having successfully treated hundreds of people with Migraines, we recognize the positive impact Ayurvedic treatments can have on enhancing overall quality of life. Along with Ayurveda, Yoga therapy has contributed extensively to psychological wellbeing and mental relaxation. Hence, a combination of Ayurveda and Yoga therapy has provided beneficial effects to people suffering by Migraine.


Dietary Tips- Avoid Dairy, Chocolates, Spicy food, Chilled food, Coffee, tea, Alcohol

Lifestyle Tips- Avoid Vigorous Exercise, exposure to Sunlight, bright light, Lack of sleep and prolonged gadget use.

Improve on Time of food and Time of sleep with indulge in methods to reduce stress


Dr. Vasudha M Sharma

BAMS, MSc (Yoga), PhD


PhD work is on “The use of Ayurveda and Yoga therapy in the management of Migraine.

Presented paper in Headache congress of American Headache society.

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