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Shirodhara basically means : Shiro-Head and Dhara-Flow. It is a technique where liquids like milk, buttermilk, water, or oil are poured onto the head. It is often done along with, body or head massage.

It is also called as Shiroseka.

It is one among the Murdhni taila which means different methods of applying oil over head, and one among the Bahya snehana which means conducting external treatments over the body.

The Procedure For this Therapy is:

  • Patient is examined thoroughly
  • Materials and medicine are kept ready
  • Patient is advised to shave hair or make it short for better result
  • Patient is made to sleep on Dhara table with head elevated
  • Medicine should be put into Dhara pot
  • Medicine is from the pot is poured onto the patient’s forehead and scalp uniformly
  • Head massage is done simultaneously
  • After therapy patient’s scalp is wiped with cotton cloth for extra oil
  • Rasanadhi churna is applied and rubbed on centre of the head for few seconds

This therapy can be done from 45mins-60mins and can be done for about 7-14 days.

It is also done during early hours from 6am-10am or in pittaja condition it can also be done during afternoon.

Benefits of Undergoing Shirodhara is:

        “Nityam sneha aardram shirasaha shiraha shoolam na jaayate
Na khaalityam na paalithyam na keshaaha prapanthi cha
Balah shirasa kapalanam visheshena abhivardate
Drida moolah cha deerghaaha cha Krishna keshaa bhavati hi
Idriyaanam praseedanthi su twak bhavati cha aananam
Nidra labha sukham cha syaat moordhni tailam nishevanat “

( Ref- Charaka samhitha sutrasthana 5/81-83 )

When Oil is Applied to Head and Kept Moist:

  • It prevents headache(Shirah shoola)
  • It prevents baldness(Khalithya), Hair fall(Kesha prapathana), Premature greying of hair(Paalithya)
  • Induce good sleep(Nidra labha)
  • Helps hairs to get deep rooted, long, dense
  • Improves glow and complexion of face
  • Keep sense organs in healthy condition
  • Provides happiness
  • Normalcy of digestive fire(Agni sthairyam)
  • Removes stress
  • Relaxes mind(Paatavam indriyasya)
  • Provides longevity(Chiram jeevitam)
  • Delays ageing(Jaraso maandhyam)

Shirodhara is Mainly Indicated in:

  • Arumshika(Boils on scalp)
  • Shiro toda(Pricking pain in head)
  • Shiro daha(Burning sensation in head)
  • Shiro paka(Suppuration on scalp)
  • Shiro vrana(Boils or ulcer on head)
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension

Usually preferred oils in Shirodhara therapy are: Tila taila( Sesame oil ), Bala taila, Ksheerabala taila, Brahmi taila, Lakshadi taila, Mahamasha taila, Mahanarayan taila, Dhanwantaram taila, Lakshadi taila, Manjishtadi taila.

Article By :
Ms. Arpitha (Final year BAMS student)