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Food Combination for Better Health

Food Combination for Better Health
Food Combination for Better Health

Food Combination for Better Health

Ayurveda, the ancient holistic science mentions logical approach for correct diet based on the body constitution. Your digestive fire (agni) helps to understand how well food is digested. When 2 or more food having different taste, energy and post digestive effect are combined it can obstruct the enzyme system which is mostly result of overloaded agni and may result in indigestion. The same prolonged for long may lead to toxin accumulation in the body. But same food taken separately or with right combination helps to stimulate agni and benefit our health.

The commonest known wrong food combination is Milk and fruits. The post digestive effect of two food is different which disturbs the digestion (leading to mandagni) and lead to different digestive disorders. Milk is avoided combining with salt as well.

Now, lot of people are thinking how to figure out the right food combination?

Well answer is stick to your traditional meal preparation which has right food combination. Be it Dosa sambar or dal khichadi with ghee or a dry fruit laddoo.

Let us take the example of dry fruit laddoo.

Ghee in the laddoo will help to reduce the heat potency nature of few dry fruit and coconut on the other hand provide’s healthy fat to absorbe all the vitamins from dry fruits.

Next time when you want to enjoy a cup of traditionally prepared Kheer, go ahead and enjoy without guilt and counting calories, but of course in moderation!