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Roga – Arogya Karanam

Roga – Arogya Karanam

We often strive to maintain a work-life balance for adults, equal study and play time for kids. It is evident that excess or inadequacy of anyone would create trouble for us in some form or the other. Hence balance is the key. Ayurveda has always emphasized on the state of equilibrium for a healthy living.

An insight on fundamental principles of ayurveda, has given us the knowledge that each individual human body has its own constituent doshas. The triad Vata-Pitta-Kapha are responsible for physiological processes of our body and exist in varying levels. Balanced activities of the same brings health and an imbalance leads to illnesses.

But what can cause them to go off balance? In the other words, what would be the reason for disruption in their basic function? The answer to this will give us the root cause for all the diseases existing in the world.

Any imbalance in the doshas can be traced back to three types actions :

  1. Deficient or under utilization – Hina yoga
  2. Excess or over utilization – Athi yoga
  3. Wrong utilization – Mithya yoga

Ancient scholars have summed up these factors ‘Under-Over-Wrong utilization’ in relation with Time( काल), Sensory objects( अर्थ ) and Activities ( कर्म ) as a reason for imbalance of doshas and in turn to sufferings.

कालार्थकर्थ र्मणर्म ांयोगो हीनमि थ्याति मात्रक:।
सम्यग्योगश्च वि ज्ञेयो रोगारोग्यकै कारणम ्।।

Let us use some of our own experiences to understand this.

Time factor (Kaala)

Try looking at the season, excessive rainfall in the monsoon brings floods, scanty rains lead to drought and rainfall in winter can ruin crops. On the same lines, many times we tend to disrespect the time factor in our daily life and follow an untimely eating and sleeping routine, uncontrolled blue screen time, long travel hours and other such activities. Here you can appreciate the Under-Over-Wrong utilization of kala or the time factor.

Sensory objects (Artha)

Humans have an excellent ability of using their sensory organs to connect to the world and for the benefit of health. But at the same time loud noises of automobiles and speakers can be a health hazard. Reading in dull light or using a bright screen will be a reason for eye disorders. Addiction to fast food, alcohol etc leading to obesity and other disorders. All of these are pointing to Under-Over-Wrong utilization of sensory objects or Artha in ayurvedic terms.

Activities (Karma)

The three types of activities, physical (kayika), verbal (vachika) and mental (manasika) activities come under the category of Karma. Any of these done in excess or low is not good for the body. Being a workaholic may sound profitable moneywise but not for health. On the other hand, desk jobs with sedentary lifestyles in today’s world have emerged as a major source of many diseases. These are examples for Under-Over-Wrong utilization of Karma or Activities.

If prevention is a better way to health, knowing the cause is the first step towards disease free life. Ayurveda aims at balance in our body-mind and the knowledge of these factors will help us achieve the same.

Article By :
Dr. Suchetha Hedge