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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy yoga

Antenatal yoga
Antenatal yoga

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. All the discomfort that a woman has undergone during pregnancy will pay off when she holds that tiny little baby.Pregnancy is a condition in which women undergo distinct physiological changes and stress and is accompanied by unique physical and psychological demands. There is a need to manage the various physical, emotional, mental, and pain states that arise throughout the stages of pregnancy and labour.

In this 9 month there may be few complications as well like gestational diabetes, hypertension, abnormal fetal position, depression, anxiety anemia and so on which may create negative consequences to mother and fetus. Preparation for delivery can be effective in decreasing adverse response during pregnancy and labor.

Considering all these conditions Antenatal yoga is a promising approach which can give a woman an opportunity and tool to enjoy this miraculous period of life to the fullest. Antenatal yoga is tailored to be safe, gentle and differs from yoga geared towards the general population in pace, use of modification because of unique physiological needs in pregnancy.

Antenatal yoga helps in inducing normal labor by strengthening and improving the flexibility of pelvic muscles as well as other core muscles which is essential for vaginal delivery. Yoga practices encourage and optimize the baby to get into the best position for birth which is when the head of the baby is down. On the similar note prolonged duration of labor can be reduced It was demonstrated that meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation technique which are essential component of yoga have a direct positive impact on the activities of autonomic nervous system

Also addressing other complications like gestational diabetes yoga help to regulate hormones that affect blood glucose level.

Lot of pregnant ladies are skeptical on performing yoga poses in the beginning, but post proper guidance  they perform and experience the benefit with respect to their endurance, back pain, feeling of lightness,improvement in quality of sleep or overall quality of life then they tend to practice it regularly and that is the beauty of this ancient practice yoga.

Research evidence proves that pregnant women show positive changes after yoga practice.

Changes In

  • Effect on Prenatal Disorders
  • Effect on Pregnancy related Pain
  • Effect on Psychological Health
  • Effect on duration of labor and mode of delivery
  • Effect on birth outcomes

Article By :
Dr. Shraddha Surathkal