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Importance of Antenatal teacher training course to Yoga instructors

Importance of Antenatal teacher training course to Yoga instructors

Yoga Instructors
Yoga Instructors

Antenatal education is a crucial component in antenatal care. The transition to parenthood is life’s most significant event. Having yoga as a tool to support during this period creates another layer of care and this brings in a ‘Yoga Instructor’ to serve the purpose.
A yoga teacher or instructor training in the basics will not be able to attend to Yoga during pregnancy. Therefore a specialized training from the antenatal yoga course  becomes essential.

Antenatal Teacher Training Course helps in:

  • To learn and teach pregnancy yoga rooted in the body’s own intelligence and intuition.
  • This course will have exposure to Reproductive Anatomy and physiology of human body.
  • The course provides knowledge on How pregnancy occurs and How reproductive health can be improved for healthy pregnancy and easy delivery.
  • This course helps in understanding simple modifications of any posture which a pregnant lady can perform.
  • Understanding Stress and ways to reduce adverse effects of stress during pregnancy.
  • Teacher’s learn to be confident through modified yoga practices which help to manage pregnancy related discomforts and attain positive attitude and confidence throughout the pregnancy.

Article By :
Dr. Shraddha Surathkal