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OM Meditation

OM Meditation

By Dr.Anitha | Jun 21, 2022

Meditation/ Dhyana is an 7th limb of astanga yoga. The culturing of mind is accomplished by focusing the mind initially. Later on we can start doing different types of meditation. A progressive habituation allows the mind to remain relaxed during the period of meditation.

Om Meditation

OM meditation is one of the great and blissful meditation techniques which provides an elevated state of consciousness. The vibrations of OM after chanting will impact the person’s physical, mental and emotional state. As we believe that universal frequency/sound is OM and when we align this to our practice it will greatly help in developing spiritual awareness. Intellectual and spiritual growth is the higher state of body and mind to achieve Samadhi. A common man can attain deeper states of relaxation as they practice OM meditation regularly. You can practice this meditation technique if you are stressed, if you are on the path of recovery such as in cancer or even if you are in a good state of health as prevention is better than cure.

How to practice OM meditation?
  • Sit in any comfortable meditative pose with closed eyes.
  • Start chanting om mentally, allow the mind to repeat OM continuously without any break and do not be distracted.
  • Chant OM faster to avoid distractions. After a while slow down the chanting. Observe the gap between 2 OM kaar. Enjoy the silence and resonance.
  • The experience of inner silence helps to expand the 3rd dimensional awareness of the body. Silence becomes deeper and more expansive.
  • Now, even with no repetition of OM, try to feel the complete silence and blissful state of mind & body.
  • Enjoy the beautiful vibrations within you and later slowly rub your palms and keep the warmness on your eyes and open your eyes with a smile.
Benefits of Om meditation
  • Improves concentration and focus.
  • Chanting OM creates the vibrations, which clears the sinuses and opens the airways.
  • It gives deep relaxation to the body and mind.
  • The flow of positive vibrations helps self- healing power and better immunity.
  • Regulate the function of the heart in terms of blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate.
  • Regular practice of OM meditation will take us to a great spiritual path with positive energy and happiness.
How does it help?

When we meditate and observe the flow of energy or vibrations within us, it induces the parasympathetic activity which is mainly responsible for relaxing the mind & body functions like reducing heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure etc.

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