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Meditation to Manage Stress


Meditation to Manage Stress

We all know the benefits of meditation out of which common is stress. Let’s understand more about stress.

Stress is body’s response to pressure in different situation and life events. When we undergo stress our body produces stress hormones which triggers fight or flight response and our body go backs to normal mode once the stressful event is over. Long term stress makes our body stay in fight or flight response and unable to cope up. This can lead to various physical and mental disorders.

How Meditation helps to manage stress

Research has proved the various benefits of meditation which include Reduction of stress, depression, anxiety better management of Diabetes, hypertension, Thyroid issues and so on. Most importantly yoga helps to prevent all the conditions above mentioned.

Regular practice of meditation helps to calm sympathetic nervous system. Meditation also help to slower the respiration rate and which in turn increases the blood circulation. Certain research has also proved meditation had lower cortisol level.

Regular practice of Meditation can be beneficial in managing various condition and prevention or simply to lift up the mood and provide better mental clarity.

Meditation practices such as Cyclic meditation, OM meditation and MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique) are very effective in reducing Stress and therefore reduces the incidence of various health problems