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Kati basti for Back pain

Kati basti for Back pain

 Treatment For Back Pain
Treatment For Back Pain

Pain in the lower back is a most common complaint with many adults. With school from home and work from home being the norm, we see this complaint increasing even in young adults. Every 8 people out of 10 have backpain at some point in life. It can result from weak back muscles, Injuries, spinal conditions and as secondary issue to other diseases. Pain can range from mild to severe and in few cases pain may cause difficulty to walk sleep or perform other day to day activities

Few common causes of backpain are :

  • Sprain: This may be due to injury to muscle, tendon or ligament especially due to lifting a heavy object. Muscles can go weak due to long sitting during works hours
  • Disc Problems: Like degenerative disk herniated disk, disk prolapse causes low back pain.
  • Structural Problems
  • Arthritis

Kati basti: Kati is low back and basti is a container that holds. Kati basti is oil pooling therapy in Ayurveda.


  • This will nourish the joints and strengthen the muscles
  • It reduces inflammation
  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Relives stiffness


A ring is prepared using urad dal preferably dried in the sun
The ring is attached on the low back of the patient; the junction of ring and skin is sealed with wet flour the oil does not leak.
Medicated oil prescribed by the doctor specific for the patient condition is poured in the ring. Oil is heated passively
In order to maintain uniform temperature during procedure, warm oil is replaced with existing oil at regular intervals.
Patients should be asked to avoid vigorous exercise during the course of this treatment.

Following Katibasti for 7 or 14 days we see good recovery in patients.

It is many times combined with fomentation therapies such as Elakizhi ( fomentation using medicated leaves bolus) or Navarakizhi (fomentation using medicated rice bolus).