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Eight step method

Eight Step Method

Yoga Instructor Course


The Asanas in YIC are practiced with a specially designed method called 8 step method, which help to understand the depth of the asana. Which include Name, meaning complementary posture demonstration benefits limitation of different asana.

Step 1

Name the Asana which is being taught. It should be communicated in English, Sanskrit and the local language.

Meaning of the Asana : For ex: Padahastasana -Hand to foot Posture Justification for the Asana.

Category of the Asana : Explains whether the asana is cultural meditative or relaxing posture.

Complementary for the Asana : Which asana should be followed by this asana.

Type of the Asana : Explains whether the asana is prone, supine, standing or sitting.

Number of counts : 4 or 8

Step 2 : Demonstration

Explains about How to do particular asana, entire procedure, starting posture relaxation posture and breathing during the procedure

1) Silent Demonstration

2) Demonstration with counts

3) Demonstration

Step 3 : Benefits and limitation of asana

Explains about Benefit of asana and where exactly to avoid that asana. For example-

  • Strengthen spine muscle
  • Strengthen low back muscle
  • Expands lung therefore good for respiratory system

Limitations: Patient with recent abdominal surgery

Step 4 : Individual Practice

The class will follow the instructor, the given demonstration and the practice of the asana. If any correction needed can be done by the instructor.

Step 5 : Practice in pair

Class will be divided in to two groups A and B while A group performs asana the B group can observe and correct participant if any followed by B group performs and A group can observe.

Step 6 : Key points

  • Do not strain the arch of the dorsal spine and neck. Do to the best of your capacity.
  • Keep the body below the navel region in touch with the ground
  • Legs should be together with soles facing up. Elbows should be bent close together. Raise the head first and then upper portion of the trunk in a slow and gradual manner.

Step 7 : Whole group practice

With all the points mentioned in the previous step whole class performs the asana to ensure all are doing in right procedure. 

  • Teacher instructs, while all the students perform.
  • The teacher must emphasize on synchronization body and mind along with stretching and compression portions.

Step 8 : Question and Answer session with closing prayer

If there is any question regarding asana participants can clarify with teacher.

This way we ensure that one asana is properly thought of in 8 different steps to understand the depth of asana.

Here is one example for 8 step method with one asana.

Step 1

Name : Padahastasana
Meaning : Hand to foot posture
Justification : It is a forward bending procedure
Type : Standing
Category : Cultural
Complimentary : Ardha chakrasana
Counts : 8

Step 2 Demonstration

  • Silent demonstration
  • Demonstration with counts
  • Demonstration with counts breathing and explanation

Step 3

Benefits : Makes spine flexible and strengthens the thighs
Limitation :  People with vertigo, severe hypertension

Step 4 Individual practice

Whole class practices according to the instruction of the teacher.

Step 5 Practice in Pairs

Class will be divided into two groups, while one group performs asana, the other group or teacher will correct posture if necessary.

Step 6 Key points

  • Eye closed
  • Knees and back straight

Step 7 Whole group practice

With all the points mentioned in the previous step whole class performs the asana to ensure all are doing in right procedure.

Step 8

Question and answer with closing prayer.