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Covid Care using Ayurveda and Yoga


Ayurveda and Yoga
Ayurveda and Yoga

COVID (Corona Virus Disease) evolved as a pandemic of international concern in 2019 and has been prevalent through different variants or strains such as Delta or Omicron even now in 2022.

How can we fight it? Still remains!! Do we prioritise improving immunity to prevent!! Do we just get vaccinated using vaccines such as Covaxin or Covishield! Yes off course. But How can we effectively use Integrative medicine for better patient care. The aim is not to prove or disprove the sciences but take the best from each and deliver for Better health.

Different systems of medicine play important roles in their respective areas and help in the early management of COVID.

Caraka Samhita, the foremost classical text book on Ayurveda explains about Agantuja vyadhi (disease which is caused due to exogenous factors) where disease causing agents mentioned include microorganisms such as bacteria and virus. These diseases initially do not get manifested due to dosha vitiation, but it presents later and enables the diseases to become pathologically stronger. Abhishangaja vyadhi is the terminology explained for diseases which manifest due to sources unexplored before the onset of the same like that we see in the pandemic COVID -19.

Based on the symptomatology, COVID-19 can be compared to Kapha Vataja Jwara (fever with involvement of Kapha and Vata). The manifestation shall include fever (mild to moderate), loss of appetite, headache, rhinorrhea, cough and fatigue. In some individuals it manifests as Sannipataja Jwara (fever caused due to vitiation of all three Dosha’s).

Herbs such as Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), Haridra (C. longa), Guduchi (T. cordifolia), Pippali (Piper longum), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Vaasa (Adhatoda vasica) are used in many formulations prescribed for patients with COVID.

Yoga practice includes various kriyas, breathing exercises, asanas, relaxation techniques and pranayama. All these practices help in treating covid-19 and also help in post covid-19 recovery.

Kriyas : Desensitizes our nasal passage, removes the mucus, dust or foreign particles from nasal passage and makes easy flow of respiratory gases.

Breathing exercises : Helps in improving lung capacity and strengthens the respiratory organs.

Asanas : Yogasana helps in expanding the thoracic cavity and strengthens thoracic muscles. The gentle stretch to various parts of the body will help in reducing generalized body ache.

Relaxation techniques : These are designed mainly to manage stress and keep our body and mind in a healthy state.

Pranayama : Regular practice of pranayama will help in improving oxygen consumption.

The practices should be administered at discretion based on condition of patient.

The process of helping people with COVID should always be taken up by professional Doctor’s of Ayurveda or Naturopathy.

Article By :
Dr.Vasudha sharma