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Integrative Post COVID Recovery Rehab


• Patients who were diagnosed with mild to moderate or severe COVID 19 and have recovered from Hospitalisation or Home isolation.
• Based on the principles ofAyurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy we have designed a program to help you recover better and faster and fight back the Coronavirus".
• It is a Remotely supervised home-based program (Video consultations)

How does Integrative Post COVID Rehab help?

• Breathing exercises and Pranayama will aid in re-training your Lungs and will improve your respiratory functions.
• Reduces post-traumatic stress and anxiety
• Improved physical endurance and reduces fatigue
• Balance the digestive system by improving Agni (digestive fire) and therefore balances metabolism.
• Increases the Ojus (vitality) to improve immunity and maintain homeostasis.
• Helps you progress towards a positive mindset and imbibe emotional balance.

What does the Rehab program comprise?

It is a 15-21 days program with daily monitoring for the first week. Rehab program process contains,

  1. Fill in the form
  2. Book an appointment with the physician
  3. Assesment tools will be shared
  4. Detailed consultation
  5. Diet, lifestyle based holistic prescription
  6. Daily monitoring
  7. Physician follow-up
  8. Post assessment

Key Benefits

• Close monitoring by physician’s and trained Yoga therapists.
• Improved physical and mental Health.
• Faster return to normal routine.