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Acupuncture for Back pain

Acupuncture for Back pain

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Pain in the lower back is the most common complaint. It may be mild to moderate and is triggered due to sedentary habits and weak back muscles. Every 8 people out of 10 have backpain at some point in life. It can result from Injuries, spinal Conditions, and as a secondary problems due to certain diseases. In a few cases, pain may cause difficulty to walk sleep, or perform any other day-to-day activities.


Few common causes of backpain are :

  • Sprain: This may be due to injury to muscle, tendon or ligament especially due to lifting a heavy object. Muscles can go weak due to long sitting during works hours
  • Disc Problems: Like degenerative disk herniated disk, disk prolapse causes low back pain.
  • Structural Problems
  • Arthritis

Acupuncture :

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most popular systems of treatment widely utilized for pain. A lot of studies show the effectiveness of acupuncture in the management of pain. Acupuncture is based on the concept of “Qi” which is a vital motivating force. If there is an imbalance in the Qi Diseases arises in the physical body.

As per Acupuncture theory when acupoints are stimulated by pricking the point with needles body will release pain relieving chemicals, which naturally occur in the body which have similar properties like opioid pain relievers.

Also, Acupuncture helps to release Neurotransmitters which help in reducing the pain.

Based on the condition of the person electrical Stimulator may be used which further helps in stimulation and release the stiffness in muscle.

A typical Acupuncture session takes half an hour of duration.