Detox Ayurvedic Relief Kit (DIY)

Ayurvedic Detox Home Based Relief Kit

Product description

Detox is nothing but cleansing your body with various procedures. There are panchakarma treatments in Ayurveda, Yogic cleansing procedures (shat karma) and Diet-based or fasting based plan with Massage and Enema in Naturopathy. If you are not able to visit the center for cleansing your body, don’t worry, we have the option for you to do a detox at home with the help of a detox kit.


Feature 1

Detox meant to be done at the convenience of your home.

Detox Kit Pack

Feature 2

Detox DIY Kit contains Mud Packs, Press Needles, Nasal drops, soap & oil for full body massage, Herbal Tea Powder with a piece of beautiful relaxing music.


Feature 3

Diet plan recommended by doctors.


Detox at home is quite feasible, I am a believer in Ayurveda and Yoga, I have had results earlier too. This time I was suggested the Detox DIY - Do it yourself Kit by Dr.Shraddha, The difference is only the experience of getting detox in the clinic but the results are the same. It has helped me.

I Have been visiting Vivekananda Health Global for a while now, doctor introduced me to this Detox - DIY kit, it has helped me to a great extent, since it comes with many aspects like mudpack, music, herbal tea, and all. I am very much happy with the Detox Kit.


  • To eliminate the toxins.
  • To boost your immunity.
  • To improve the digestive health.
  • To enhance the energy levels and mood.
  • To aid healthy weight loss.
  • DIY Kits are best
    • If you have a very busy schedule,
    • If you are in a place where there is no proper Ayurveda facilities, or
    • If you are not in a situation to leave your home.
Detox treatment using Ayurvedic Product Tea

Price of 1 unit : Rs. 780/- (Includes tax)

Delivery Charges applicable

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