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Women’s Wellness Workshop

Women's Wellness Workshop

Prioritize Women Health

The genuine beauty of a woman lies in her overall well-being and her capacity to lead an active lifestyle. Throughout the various stages of life, women encounter diverse health challenges. During adolescence, they face challenges related to menarche and associated issues. As young adults, they must balance career growth while managing premenstrual symptoms before embracing the joyful stage of pregnancy. After childbirth, the focus shifts to preserving health as new challenges arise. Additionally, many women experience menstrual disorders at different points in life, and as they age, they encounter the unique phase of menopause, accompanied by its own set of challenges.

Here are some quick facts about women’s health:

  1. Significant health risks for women include cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and depression.

  2. Women are more susceptible to stress and depression compared to men, making them more likely to be diagnosed with these conditions.

  3. Women’s sexual health can be impacted by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), reproductive issues, and various birth control methods.

  4. Osteoarthritis, which is the primary cause of disability  affects a higher number of women than men.

  5. Women are at a greater than twofold risk of experiencing urinary tract infections (UTIs) compared to men.

Participate in our online women’s health session, where experienced doctor will provide valuable insights on self-care to help you take charge of your well-being.


Faculty Details

Date- 5th of August (Saturday)

Time-12 to 1pm

Registration fee- 99/-

Dr Vasudha M Sharma


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