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Sleep – An underrated medicine

Sleep – an underrated medicine

Sleep in its purest form is bliss and Blessing. When we talk about health we often talk about food, exercises, but what we forget or overlook is sleep. Managing to get sound sleep in the night is very crucial and as important as nutrition and exercise.

Sleep – an underrated medicine
Sleep – an underrated medicine

Studies show about 62% of adults are sleep deprived. From stress to binge watching, from certain medical conditions to occupational challenges people are being sleep deprived. Requirements of sleep may vary from person to person but on an average an individual requires 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Having been told that sleep is medicine does that mean we can sleep in the afternoon? Well the answer is yes, a power nap of 15-20 mins is sufficient to recharge or refresh your body and do not over do.

Sleep along with giving proper rest to your body it also helps to detox your body and it is during sleep your body repairs and rejuvenates.

What are the impacts of poor sleep?

Tips to induce better sleep

  • Turmeric milk at bed time
  • Chamomile tea or any other herbs tea
  • Regular Exercise
  • Simple self-head massage
  • Tepid foot bath

To conclude, poor sleep is associated with many negative impacts and it’s time to give sleep the attention it deserves.

Article By :
Dr. Shraddha Surathkal