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2022 Seasonal Disease in India and its Prevention Measures

2022 Seasonal Disease in India and its Prevention Measures

There are profound climate changes occur within the annual cycle. The severity of the changes depends on the latitude of location. Every being has to cope up with the changes that is happening. We often see pain are triggered during winter because of cold. Cold and cough are common during rainy season and indigestion or digestive issue are common in summer because of low digestive fire. Let’s understand more season by season.

Seasonal Diseases
Seasonal Diseases
Summer Season

Hydration: It’s common to get dehydrated in summer and water is key during summer. One can also include water rich seasonal fruit and vegetable like melon, cucumber and tender coconut water .And try to avoid lot of indulges in coffee, packed juice and cold drink.

Indigestion:During summer our digestive fire reduces as result Gastritis, Nausea, diarrhea are common. Well with some simple things one can keep digestion at bay during summer.

  • You may be a spicy food lover but spicy food always triggers digestive issue. So try to avoid spicy food.
  • Include Probiotics like buttermilk after your lunch for better digestion.
  • Lots of Fiber rich foods like fruits and vegetables.
  • Well, what one can ask for during summer than mango? Great for digestion but remember to have it in moderation.
  • And last but not least Exercise is one the main factor to keep your digestion intact.
Monsoon Season

As refreshing as it feels, monsoon season brings its onset of disease. Air born, water born and mosquito born are common along with common cold, cough and allergies.

  • Take all precautions against mosquito.
  • Use hot water for drinking.
  • Having bath as soon as you comes home especially to especially that fungal infection away.
  • Have freshly cooked food.
  • Keep yourself protected from any allergens.
  • Avoid street food.
Winter season

In winter often your immunity goes low and as result cold cough are quite common and pain conditions like neck pain back pain gets triggered due to cold. Maintaining your immunity and keeping body warm is necessary in this season.

  • Life style with good diet, sleep stress free exercise and water intake is required for good for immunity.
  • Foods like Indian gooseberry, Ghee, nuts and Seeds are winter essentials when it comes for food which help to nourish and keep the body worm.
  • 20-30 mins of sun exposure for vitamin D is helpful in keeping the pains away.
  • Application of suitable medicated oil also help to lubricate muscles and joints.

Article By :
Dr.Vasudha sharma