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Relationship between Digestion and Pain

Relationship between Digestion and Pain

Don’t you think your digestion is key to stay away from Pain?

Pain is one of the major cause of disability affecting large number of population in the world. Pain can an independent symptom, caused due to an underlying disease or as complication of a disease. It can be mild moderate or severe.

Mostly, what trouble’s people are faulty Dietary habits and improper daily or seasonal regimen. The same can give rise to disturbance in digestion and then the onset of pain.


Let’s understand How?

Concept of Jatharagni

Jatharagni is the main principle substance responsible for disease and health. During its normalcy it is responsible for longevity, complexion, strength, health, enthusiasm, well built, lustre, immunity. Agni comprehends various factors which participate in and direct the course of digestion and metabolism, in a living organism. Hence it is termed as bio digestive fire. One has to protect Jatharagni by the intake of wholesome dietetics as longevity and strength depends on the normal state of Jatharagni.

Concept of Āma

Āma is a unique concept devised by a sage who used Ayurveda as a medical science thousands of years ago. As of present no other system is aware of it. Any substance or chemical element that we take in with our food and drink or through breathing needs to be processed inside the body. This process is called digestion.

Digestion separates what is useful for the individual from the rest which is waste, ready for elimination. When the digestive fire (Agni) is weak or not active enough, the food or drinks that we take in are normally in excess of what can be handled, so the result is improper digestion. It is therefore impossible to separate the beneficial ingredients from the waste. This condition of indigestion can be compared with an unripe fruit, where it is difficult to separate the juice from the pulp.

In simple words, unripe and uncooked is known as Āma. The Ayurveda sage used the same term to highlight the importance of proper digestion before ingesting any new food, drinks or medicines. As each and every cell and tissue inside the body are constantly replenishing themselves thanks to digestion, Ama can affect them all. Āma is an essential factor in the development of any pathology.

Let’s take an example of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ayurveda names it Āmavata. In this condition, people notice pain in the small joints initially with swelling. Morning stiffness is most common symptom. When treated the progress is almost nil. But if left untreated then it will progress to deviation of fingers or toes with excruciating pain and deterioration of general health. As per Ayurveda if we work towards correction of agni and reducing the Ama then the condition can be reversed or controlled.

How to reduce or eliminate Ama?
Kitchen Herbs
Kitchen Herbs

Usage of kitchen herbs : Turmeric, Cumin seeds (Jeera) Asafoetida (Hing) in daily cooking.

Use of warm water : Its good as it can aid metabolism and therefore reduce Ama formation. Avoid drinking water soon after a meal as it leads to indigestion.

Use ghee for garnish : Ghee as it has the capacity to absorb fat soluble vitamins. Ghee also has higher smoking index and can therefore be used in various types of cooking. It releases less acrylamide compared to oils. Ghee can be applied on chappatis, can be used to make Sabji’s or curry’s.

Butter Milk
Butter Milk

Usage of buttermilk : Its good to end lunch with buttermilk rather than curd. Curd as per Ayurveda is heavy in nature and can cause clogging in the circulatory system after the digestion is completed. This quality is called “Abhishyandi Guna”.

Preparation of Buttermilk – Take one portion of curd preferable home made, add 4 cups of water, churn well to remove butter and use 75-100 ml

Regular Yoga Exercise : Yoga practice and walking should be there in the exercise regimen. Early morning Yoga after freshening up and a evening walk for 45 minutes will be highly beneficial for good digestion and health.

Yoga Exercise
Yoga Exercise

A great method to help the body heal. ‘Langhanam Paramaushadham’ refers to fasting being the best medicine. It can eliminate the endotoxins and can therefore avoid health complaints I can be taken up under a Naturopath’s guidance as the program can be personalized.

Article By :
Dr.Vasudha sharma