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Management of Covid-19 through Yoga Therapy

Management of Covid-19 through Yoga Therapy


As we all know Covid-19 has changed our complete 2 years of life with ups and downs. We came to know the Importance of immunity, value of nature and some disciplined habits like regular yoga practice, nutritious food etc.

Corona virus has attacked N number of people, many succumbed and many recovered with the help of the medical care, immunity boosters and by practicing breathing techniques.

It is important to understand how immunity and yoga helps in fighting against covid-19. Immunity varies from person to person. Immune system is a body’s defense against foreign particles or infections.

Various practices of yoga will help in improving physical and mental health. During this pandemic situation, keeping our mental health positive and following precautions like wearing masks, sanitizing/washing our hands frequently, taking more fruits, vegetables and practicing respiratory strengthening asanas and pranayama will definitely help us to reduce the risk of getting covid-19.

We should be aware that stress reduces our immunity. So to keep our mind calm and manage stress we need to do regular yoga practice for at least 30-40 minutes.

Yoga practice includes various kriyas, breathing exercises, asanas, relaxation techniques and pranayama. All these practices act as preventive care and treating covid-19 and also help in post covid-19 recovery.

Kriyas: Desensitizes our nasal passage, removes the mucus, dust or foreign particles from nasal passage and makes easy flow of respiratory gases.

Breathing exercises: Helps in improving lung capacity and strengthens the respiratory organs.

Asanas: Yogasana helps in expanding the thoracic cavity and strengthens thoracic muscles. The gentle stretch to various parts of the body will help in reducing generalized body ache.

Relaxation techniques: These are designed mainly to manage stress and keep our body and mind in a healthy state.

Pranayama: Regular practice of pranayama will help in improving oxygen consumption.

To take all the benefits of yoga and to live your life with good and great health do practice yoga regularly.