Are you ready to become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

| Yoga Instructor Course |

The batch starts on December 15th, 2021


What it includes?

  1. Theory Sessions on Yoga Philosophy
  2. Basics of Biomechanics of Yoga
  3. Practical Yoga Sessions
  4. Internationally Recognized Certification from Vivekananda Health Global

Why Yoga Instructor Course?

⁍ Provides knowledge of Holistic living and not merely training on yoga postures and Meditation alone.

⁍ Making Yoga a socially relevant science.

⁍ Become a Professionally Qualified Yoga Instructor.

⁍ Our 300Hours Course will leave you transformed like never before and will also inspire you to transform others.

⁍ Better quality of of life for you and people around you

⁍ This course transforms your ability to learn yoga and provides a platform to teach yoga individually.

⁍ Creates a Strong foundation through Principals of Anatomy & Physiology.

⁍ Add sadana to your practice and Craft your path to do higher studies in Yoga

Why Vivekananda Health Global ?

⁍ Sessions include optimum mix of theory classes and practices/practical conducted by Doctors & Professionals to trigger your inner self

⁍ ~exclusive~ Intrigue yourself by learning science behind yoga – biomechanics of yoga (introduction)

⁍ ~ exclusive~ Chance to be a part of our Global VY Network

⁍ ~ exclusive ~ Know how to market yourself with VY membership tag

⁍ Authentic way of understanding yoga through Triguna and Panchakosha model

⁍ Compulsory internship to be sufficiently knowledgeable to teach yoga scientifically.

Join Now ! The batch starts on December 15th, 2021



What Will You Get ?

Worldwide Accredited Certification

With our international accredition you can teach anywhere in the world as a “Qualified yoga teacher”.

Knowledge to Teach 8 Step Method

You will learn the techniques, alignments, benefits of Asanas.Panchakosha concept and integrated approach to yoga.

Safe Teaching Skills

You will learn the techniques of efficient instruction, modification and adjustment.

Knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of anatomy and Physiology applications to prevent any possible injuries in your class and your own practice

Confidence in Your Teaching Skills

You will practice hands on teaching for 4 hours daily to gain confidence and skill in teaching others. This is a unique aspect of this course.

Improved Personal Practice

You will develop and improve practice of various components in yoga, such as breathing practices, asanas, relaxation techniques, pranayama, meditation and chanting.

Learn to Sequence & Structure Yoga Classes

You will learn to sequence classes for different goals and themes, as well as various time slots like 90 min, 75 min & 60 min.

Understanding of Yogic Philosophy

You will understand the essence of yoga philosophy drawn from authentic yoga text such as Patanjali yoga sutra and Hatha yoga pradipika.

Be the Guiding Light, Teach worldwide with our certification. After completion of the course you will receive an internationally valid Yoga Teacher Certification.

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