Ayurveda treatment equipments


To innovate for the future it is required to learn the current, and the tradition. Thus the team at Vivekananda Health in collaboration with local craftsmen set up their own design and manufacturing unit, in a humble little town not far from Bengaluru. This unit manufactures traditional ayurveda treatment equipment – the droni (massage table), shirodhara stand, swedana yantra (steam box), therapy chair and stool.


Droni - Massage Table



Salient Features :

  • Customizable Size
  • Hand crafted droni in traditional style
  • Comes in either single or multiple joints
  • Made from medicinal wood
  • Made exquisite with brass fitting and extra head room for perfect neck rest
  • Standard Size: 9 feet * 3 feet


Swedana Yantra - Steam Chamber



Salient Features :

  • Dismantable
  • Hand crafted swedana yantra with inner FRP lining
  • Made from medicinal wood
  • Made exquisite with brass door handles, a perfect head or neck region, height adjustable stool for sitting and a steam controller to provide personalized treatment
  • Standard Size: 3.25 feet * 2.5 feet * 4 feet


Shirodhara Stand



Salient Features :

  • Dhara Pot Height Adjuster
  • Hand crafted Shirodhara stand in traditional style (single piece)
  • Made from medicinal wood
  • Made exquisite with wheels for movement and dhara pot height adjuster
  • Standard Size: 6.5 feet tall


Massage Chair



Salient Features :

  • Lumbar back support
  • Hand crafted treatment chair for multi purpose use
  • Made from medicinal wood
  • Made exquisite with lower back support, and perfect sitting height.
  • Standard Size: 20 inch tall * 18 inch wide


Therapy Accessories (Pizhichil Accessories)



Salient Features :

  • 100% brass carefully curated

Each Set Includes :

Brass Bowl(No.1) = 3 Brass Bowl(No.8) = 1 Brass Bowl(No.12, = 1 Brass Urli(Dia7″”) = 1 Brass PlatePlain(No11) = 1 Kerala Deepa(250Di) = 1 Dhanavantri Statue = 1 Vasti Yantra = 2 Dhoomapana yantra = 1 Brass Urli(Dia 9″”) = 1 Kerala Deepa(150Di) = 1 Dhara kindi for pizhichil = 2


Stepping Stool



Salient Features :

  • Anti skid design
  • Hand crafted stepping stool
  • Made from medicinal wood.
  • Made exquisite with anti skid design and a right height to fit under chair and droni.
  • Standard Size: 12 inch” tall * 18 inch wide


Naturopathy Equipments




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