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Yoga for eye health

Yoga for eye health

As eyes are sensory organs, we perceive 80% of what comes through our sense of sight. It is important that we maintain the health of our eyes to see this beautiful world. As we have this good opportunity to see the world, its necessary that we take care and give rest to our eyes with regular eye wash, good sleep and some of the yoga practice.

In the present era of advanced technology, we undergo with the eyesight issue either short sightedness/long sightedness or astigmatism. Usage of more phone, computer and television are the main reason of getting eye sight issues. Even though we use these screens for necessity, we must take care of our eyes to not getting any of the eye issues by doing regular eye exercise, eye wash, sathwik diet, good quality of sleep, decent life style and some of the special techniques of yoga.

Eye wash: Washing our eyes with clean water will help in excreting the waste and foreign particles from our eyes and good for proper vision.


Eye Exercises: Eye exercises are nothing but moving our eye ball in certain direction which help in strengthening the eye muscles and improves the vision. The common movement of eye ball are,

1) Up and Down
2) Sideward looking
3) Diagonal movement
4) Rotation (clockwise and anti-clockwise)

Palming: Here we need to rub our palms and then keep palms on eyes to provide the warmness which is generated while rubbing our palms. This will help in relaxing our eyes and eye muscles.

Relaxation techniques: Breathing Concentrate, chanting and pranayama will help in reducing stress and improves the quality of life.

Trataka: It is a one of the kriya/action in shatkriyas. Thratak is nothing but gazing at candle with the various steps. It is also known as Jyothi trataka. Thishelps in improving the vision and strengthens the eyes.

Above mentioned practices are can be done as a treatment and the preventive care.

Article By :
Dr. Anitha