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Sequence for Yoga practice by IAYT

Sequence for Yoga practice by IAYT

IAYT – Integrative Approach of Yoga Therapy is based on panchakoshas. Panchakosha is nothing but 5 layers or sheaths of human personality.

Yoga is the best way of living. Regular practice of yoga with correct procedure and sequence will help in getting good benefits.


1. Annamayakosha or physical sheath

Diet: yogic or sathwic diet

Loosening exercises / sitalikarana vyayama: We need to loosen our joints first to improve the flexibility of various joints. All the joints include from neck to toes we do to stretch and increase the range of motion and blood circulation. Loosening exercises will help in reducing our tiredness, lethargy and stiffness.

  • Jogging – slow jogging, backward jogging, forward jogging, side
  • jogging and at last mukhadhouti to relax.
  • Forward and backward bending
  • Side bending
  • Pawana muktasana kriya – leg rotation, rocking and rolling Breathing exercises: Breath or prana is our lifeforce. By doing some of the exercises coordinating with breathing will help in improving our lifeforce and clears the respiratory channels. Breathing pattern will be uniform, continuous and rhythmic while practicing and even after the practice.
  • Hands in and out breathing
  • Hands stretching breathing at the level of chest, forehead and above the head
  • Ankle stretch breathing
  • Rabbit breathing
  • Tiger breathing

Surya namaskara: 12 steps of sun salutation

Asanas: standing, sitting, supine and prone series of asanas

Kriyas: there are some cleansing techniques involved to cleans our intestinal organs.

2. Pranamaya kosha or vital energy – 2nd layer of our body

There are some yoga practices to improve the function of pranamaya kosha. Various practices of pranayama include kapalabhati, bhastrika, anuloma viloma, sheetali, sheetkari sadanta and bramari pranayama.

3. Manomayakosha or mental sheath

Includes various relaxation techniques, chanting A, U, M and OM kara and meditation.

4. Vijnanamayakosha or intellectual sheath

Here we educate the individual to know their health condition and make them understand the value and benefits of yoga in day today activities.

5. Anandamayakosha or blisfull sheath

It is the innermost layer of panchakosha, Ananda represents happiness, blissful state. To achieve this wonderful state, we need to surrender to supreme soul. Japa and bhajans will make us feel good and happy.

Article By :
Dr. Anitha