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Saral Yoga and their Benefits

Saral Yoga

By Dr.Shraddha Surathkal | Jun 05, 2022

Yoga is a science of calming down the mind (that brings harmony in mind, body and spirit). It is an ancient Indian science that has been used for therapeutic benefits in numerous health concerns in which mental stress was believed to play a role. (Considering the current health scenario of the population every country has prevalence of Non communicable diseases, which are psychosomatic in origin; as a major concern, thanks to adulterated foods, fast foods and stressful lifestyle).

Saral Yoga

The practice of developing one’s internal awareness and relaxation are said to be the main components of these practices that help one to reach higher states of health which can be called as “positive health”.

Saral yoga is a simple different yoga module which emphasizes on the different category of people( who have hectic lifestyle for those who travel frequently and work in stressful environment)such as vimanyatri( frequent air travelers) regular usage of two wheelers and four wheelers, system based jobs that involve long hours usage of electronic devices that are harmful for eye health, education and civil sectors that involve standing for long hours ,night shift professionals and sedentary lifestyle). These yoga modules help work at a subtler level and obtain deeper benefits of yoga by working at the level of mind which then has direct impact on the body.

Saral yoga are the modules designed as a quick fix for your discomforts in day to day activities .For example, A two wheeler rider and four wheeler driver experience pain in the arm, calf muscles and back muscles for which our Saral yoga will come handy. It focuses on quick relief from these discomforts by practicing daily for 15 mins. You can practice it either at home or any place available. All modules are based on IAYT (Integrated approach of yoga therapy).


The basis for an integrated approach to yoga therapy is rooted in Upanishad’s. Panchakosha theory explained in Taittiriya Upanishad says that human beings have 5 major sheaths of existence.

  • Anandamaya Kosha
  • Vijnanamaya Kosha
  • Manomaya Kosha
  • Pranamaya Kosha
  • Annamaya Kosha

In Anandamaya kosha, a man is healthiest with perfect harmony and balance of all his faculties. At Vijnanamaya kosha there are movements, but are channelized in the right direction. As such, it is in the manomaya level that the imbalance starts. Likes and dislikes have come to play at this level.

They start governing our actions; often they are in the wrong directions. Thus going against what is right causes imbalances. These imbalances amplify themselves resulting in mental illness called Adhis. At this stage there are no symptoms at the physical level.

How saral yoga helps
  • Saral Yoga for sedentary lifestyleA long term sedentary lifestyle causes damage to the body, by weakening muscles and decreasing flexibility. It is important to incorporate physical activity and yoga in a perfect way. The practices in this 15 mins module will improve the flexibility of spine, strengthen back and abdominal muscles.
  • Saral Yoga for House wifeBeing multitaskers, it becomes difficult to look after everything happening at home. But there is a way! A way to a healthy life by doing yoga and inspiring the whole family.
    This module helps to overcome emotional combat, prevents joint pains and increases flexibility.

Saral Yoga for Sedentary Lifestyle and House wife

  • Saral Yoga for eye healthRepeated exposure to electronic gadgets, high levels of pollution affect our nervous system and this can lead to a state of fatigue when continuous.
    This module strengthens eye muscles, reduces dry eyes and reduces impact of stress on eyes.
  • Saral yoga for long standingPeople work as teachers, are in sales jobs or other jobs that require individuals to be on their feet all day. They will be benefited by this module. This 15mins module helps to stretch the calf muscle, increases ankle mobility, strengthens back and relieves back pain.

Saral Yoga for Eye Health and Long Standing Workers

  • Saral yoga for Viman yatriSitting for hours together on a flight can make the body go numb, especially the back, neck and knees .This module helps to release muscle tension, increases blood circulation, decreases anxiety and relaxes the mind.
  • Saral yoga for 2 wheeler riders and 4 wheelersIn this fast paced life working in major cities, traveling to and fro from the workplace can be exhausting. The time spent in traffic jams could be better spent for health if we implement yoga. Perform this module if you are stuck in traffic or if you are driving long.
    This module helps to relieve strain and strengthens muscles, relieves pain and fatigue.

Saral Yoga for Vehicle Riders and Pilots

  • Saral yoga night shift professionalsWorking in the night shift creates a great amount of mental health imbalance. Inability to sync night work with the body’s requirements is a challenge. The daily routine of night shifts can lead to irregular sleep cycles thus creating pressure on biological clocks and therefore, on our health. This module helps to relieve stress, increase blood circulation and energizes the whole body.

If you adapt Saral Yoga you can reap good benefits. You can practice it twice daily for better results and remember that you don’t have to give reasons to yourself or others for not doing Yoga. Just do it!!

Article By :
Dr. Shraddha Surathkal