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Ayurveda treatment for Infertility :

Infertility is common problem, affecting approximately 10 –15% of couples worldwide. Out of 100 couples, 10 to 15 of them will have difficulty getting pregnant after trying to one year or two

Infertility is the inability of a woman to conceive after trying to get pregnant for at least a year. There are several factors which contribute to infertility including anovulation, inadequate sperm quality or quantity, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, thyroid issues , diabetes and other medical conditions. Age is also a significant factor, as fertility declines with age particularly for women. Addiction to smoking or drinking, irregular food/sleep habits, lack of physical activity, obesity etc are the contributing lifestyle causes.

Mentioned causes can be corrected well with the help of integrative therapies including Ayurveda panchakarma treatment, Yoga therapy and Acupuncture.

At VHG, we had a female patient aged 33 years with the complaints of unexplained infertility with gradual weight gain. She was married for 5 years and was trying to conceive since 1.5 years. IUI was done 2 months before she came to us and IVF 15 days ago. Patient was having increase in blood sugar since 3 months. She was having history of hypothyroidism since 1year. Her menstruation was normal with 4-5 days of bleeding and occurred at a interval of 25 to 30days. Patient was having a surgical history of polypectomy 9 months back. Based on Ultrasonography (USG) of abdomen and pelvis she was diagnosed with posterior wall subserosal fibroid. Her blood reports showed HBa1c - 6.7% , AMH - 4.68ng/ml, TSH - 4.0 miu/L.

Treatment at VHG:

Participant underwent a prescribed treatment called Virechana. The Ayurveda panchakarama – virechana procedure included snehapana, sarvanga abhyanga with swedana. Virechana is purgation therapy, one of the internal cleansing therapy. After virechana, she had her menstrual cycle and once the menstrual cycle stopped, she underwent yoga basti which is also referred to as medicated enema therapy. It included 5 days of anuvasana basti (taila ) and 3 days of asthapana basti (kashaya) which involves introduction of herbal oils , decoctions and other medicated substances into the rectum via the anus and held in the rectum for a specified period of time before being expelled. After yoga basti she was adviced yoga therapy and acupuncture to improve her mental & reproductive health with oral ayurvedic medicines. She continued Yoga practice and Ayurveda medicines regularly until she conceived

Participant followed the instructions and procedures strictly as per the advice. She had regular menstrual cycles after the treatment. After 2 cycles, she conceived and tested positive for pregnancy with elevated beta HCG.