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Yoga can keep us Healthy

How Yoga can keep us healthy

By Dr.Vasudha Sharma | Jul 19, 2022

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj”, which is nothing but “union”. Union of atma (soul) to paramathma (supreme soul) is the ultimate goal of yoga. But in today’s scenario it’s the union of mind and body which is of utmost importance. The imbalance between mind and body is the biggest problem which is causing more health issues.

Healthy Yoga

Yoga is the best tool to overcome physical and mental issues. Regular practice of yoga is very much beneficial in personal development and to live with peace and harmony.

Yoga acts on a different level of Personality development, that is at the level of physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Physical level

There are physical poses (asanas) in yoga which helps in improving the function of our vital organs and strengthens the musculo-skeletal joints. Regular practice of yogasans associated with breathing will enhance the blood circulation there by the proper nutrition supply happening to each muscle and organs. The flexibility of each joint will definitely improve by asanas and the body becomes light without pain and stiffness.

Breathing exercises and pranayama help in improving the lung capacity. This can reduce respiratory issues and can boost immunity.

Mental level

Breathing and relaxation techniques are the most powerful tool to keep our body and mind calm. In the present era of mental stress, yogic relaxation techniques are very essential to reduce the tension and worries. Yoga practice helps develop a positive attitude and is an essential requirement to accomplish a task.

Yoga is believed to be a systematic and conscious process of calming down the mind, which helps to eradicate weakness from the mind and build a strong will power.

Yoga Stress Relief

Emotional level

Our emotions control our behavior, especially in the crucial phases of our life. The challenge of the modern era has a great threat to emotional aspects. Culturing and controlling our emotions is the most important requirement to lead a life with peace. Regular practice of yoga helps to sharpen and sensitize the emotions.

Benefits of practicing yoga regularly
  • Slows down the breath and maintains the balance at pranic level.
  • Sharpens and calms down the mind at intellectual level.
  • Promotes deep relaxation to mind & body.
  • Enhance the happiness in life and equipoise at emotional level.
  • Increases the creativity and will power.

Therefore we understand that for overall development and to achieve life with health, peace and joy, one must go for a regular yoga practice.

Article By :
Dr.Vasudha Sharma