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Health, An Ayurvedic perspective

Health, An Ayurvedic Perspective


The distinctive feature of Ayurveda is that the primary emphasis is on maintaining a healthy state of being and then comes the curative aspect. Health here is in relation with both body and mind and reflects at all levels from the cell to the whole body. It is achieved with balance of physical as well as mental parameters.

In today’s world we have all the access to knowledge. Oftentimes many follow the same popular forms of healthy food available in market. But has it crossed your mind that the balanced state which we refer to as health is different for each of us? And also it follows the nature’s own cycles such as day and night and changing seasons.

So health after all is a dynamic term and differs for each of us. To attain this Ayurveda prescribes few simple structured routine to be followed through our lives.

This includes:

  • Dinacharya, the daily regimen
  • Ritucharya seasonal regimen
  • Ahara, the dietetics or the meal plan for each person
  • Vyayama the exercises for body and mind
  • Sadvritta social behaviour and conduct in general.

It is not just the absence of disease but the perfect functioning of senses, happiness of mind and spiritual well-being which qualifies for the term “health”.

Article By :
Dr. Suchetha Hedge