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Abhyanga is one of the daily routine or Dinacharya to be followed by everyone, where oil is used for massaging from head to toe.

Benefits of Abhyanga :

According to Ashtanga Hridaya Sutrasthana, 2/8

अभ्यङ्गमाचरेनित्यं सजरश्रमवात: |
द्रुष्टिप्रसाद पुष्टि आयुः स्वप्नसुक्त्वत्व दार्द्यक्रुत् ।।

Abhyangam aacharet nityam sa jaraa shramavaataha |
Drushti prasaada pushti aayu susvapna twak daardhyakru||

By inculcating Abhyanga on a daily routine it results in :

  • Delayed aging (जर)
  • Reduction of tiredness (श्रम)
  • Reduces excess वात from body
  • Provides good vision (द्ृष्टि )
  • Nourishment to the bodily muscles (पुष्टि)
  • Prolongs life span (आयुः)
  • Results in good and sound sleep (स्वप्न)
  • Improves complexion of skin (सुक्त्वत्व)
  • Fitness (दार्द्यक्रुत्)

Abhyanga is one among the Bahya Sneha. This is also performed as one of the Poorva karmas in Panchakarma procedure.

The oil is warmed and later massaged over the complete body and at the end fomentation is given so that the oil is completely absorbed into the body.

There are various types of Abhyanga :

  • Sarvanga Abhyanga
  • Pada Abhyanga
  • Shiro Abhyanga

Study proves that massaging the body for 3-5mins in different positions like supine, lateral and prone position with sufficient pressure alleviates Kapha dosha in the body and  provides a positive effect towards psycho-physical parameters.

Abhyanga has proven positive results in case of  problems such as Obesity, Rheumatoid arthritis, Eczema, Osteoarthritis  and Hair fall.

Mothers are also advised to do Abhyanga to children to increase Bala (strength) in the child. It increases Blood circulation to the body and is a great method for relaxation.

Article By :
Ms. Architha J