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Common Myth about food

Common Myths about food

1. Ghee is Fattening:

Ghee has many uses beyond the kitchen. According to Ayurveda ghee has healing properties when used appropriately. A good desi ghee, home prepared or organic taken in moderation helps in assimilation and maintains a good gut health and does not cause increase in weight. It also contributes to bone health and immune system.

2. Fats are Bad for Health:

Fats are of 2 types – Good fat and bad fat. Good fat (Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat) which is present in Nuts and seeds, avocado etc in moderation help in heart health, absorb vitamins from food and many more. Saturated and trans fat present in cookies cakes junk food leads to health issues.

3. Healthy food habits is only for people who are sick or overweight:

People often tend to think that a person who is lean can indulge in any food and in any quantity and people who are obese have to cut off lot of things.

Taking care of your diet, life style and stress as it’s every individual’s responsibility to take care of the body.

Health is not measured in terms of weight. Its lot more than that.

4. Healthy food habits needs Expensive items:

There is common misconception about food that fancy is being healthy. A peanut or ground nut is equally nutritious and dense compared to almonds. The choice of food depends on the season, your body, nature of your physical activity and many more factors.