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Ayurveda Massage or abhyanga sometimes called as Kerala massage

Ayurveda Massage or abhyanga sometimes called as Kerala massage for the body is a de stress therapy. Before getting to know more on Ayurveda massage, I want to tell you one of our patients success story.

Mr.Gautham who is working in a reputed MNC met Dr.Vasudha last month, he had succumbed to the pressure at his office and he was completely stressed. He got to know about Vivekananda Health Global by his friend Mr.Rajiv who also had underwent a similar phase spending thousands of rupees on his medications, so he referred Mr.Guatham to meet Dr.Vasudha.

He was assessed and understanding his situation Detox was suggested. Since he was not able to plan the same in immediate future, an alternate was prescribed. It was the Ayurveda massage or Abhyanga. From the session one he started to feel better, he got wonderful sleep naturally and after the prescribed sessions, he started feeling better. Last week he had visited us with his wife for her health issue. He said he was quite happy now and is more productive in his work and he was grateful to be guided in the right direction.

Not only Mr.Gautham, there are many who have found Ayurveda massage or Abhyanga quite helpful.

Ayurveda massage is one of the daily routine and is a part of dinacharya to be followed by everyone. Here medicated oil is used for massaging from head to toe.

Benefits of Ayurveda Massage :

By inculcating Abhyanga on a daily routine it results in :

  • Aging Is Delayed
  • Tiredness Gets Reduced
  • Reduction Of Vata In The Body
  • Promotes Good Vision
  • Bodily Muscles Get Nourished
  • Helps In Prolonged Life Span
  • Sound Sleep Can Be Attained
  • Complexion Of The Skin Gets Better
  • Feel Better And Feel Fit

The oil is warmed and later massaged over the complete body and at the end fomentation is given so that the oil is completely absorbed into the body.

There are various types of Ayurveda Massage :

  • Full Body Massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Head massage

Study proves that by massaging your body for 3 to 5 minutes in different positions like supine, lateral and prone position with sufficient pressure alleviates Kapha dosha in the body and provides a positive effect towards psycho-physical parameters.

Ayurveda massage positively helps in case of problems such as Eczema, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Hair fall.

Mothers are also advised to do Ayurveda massage to children to increase strength in the child increasing blood circulation to the body and is a great method for relaxation.

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