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Ayurveda For Liver Disorder

Perspective of Ayurveda in Liver Disorders

Liver is considered to be one of the vital organs which helps in maintaining the health of body. The liver is the only visceral organ that possesses the remarkable capacity to regenerate. The liver can regenerate after either surgical removal or after chemical injury. It is known that as little as 25% of the original liver mass can regenerate back to its full size with the help of Ayurveda for Liver Disorder

Modern lifestyle changes and diet has significant effect on Liver, leading to various liver disorders such as Fatty Liver, Liver Cirrhosis, and Viral Hepatitis etc. No significant and safe hepato-protective drugs are available in modern therapeutics. But Ayurveda has references on various medicinal plants that are very effective in treating various liver disorders. One such medicinal herb that is found to be very effective for various forms of Hepatitis, is BHUMYAMALAKI (Phyllanthus niruri).

The eminent scholars of Ayurveda such as Susrutha (500 BC) describe yakrit (liver) as the sthana (seat) of rakta (blood). Charaka (1000 BC) while describing the srotas (body channels), mentioned yakrit (liver) and pleeha (spleen) as the moola (root) of raktavaha Srotas (blood carrying channels). But it is Bhavamisra who for the first time introduced the term ‘yakrit vikara’ (liver disorders). Madhavanidana, in parishista prakarana, explains yakrit roga (liver disease) as a separate entity.

Various research studies are being conducted to elicit the efficacy of this medicinal plants in treating liver disorders. Several studies have reported the medicinal properties of P. niruri (Chopra et al., 1986). P. niruri is used in folk medicine to treat hepatitis and other viral infections (Venkateswaran et al., 1987; Wang, 2000; Wang et al.,1994). Many bioactive molecules have been reported in P. niruri, showing various activities, such as antiviral, anti-nociceptive (Anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity), and antispasmodic( relieves spasm) activities.

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